Monday, September 21, 2009

why me? lil competition with aprize

hi evryone!

few days ago i challenged my sleepy group to tell mewhat they wanna get as a prize from me, name the outfit. name the jewelry. and give me an excuse why should they get it...
soundsgood, i would go for trying.:) i got few note cards..
Belinda Levee calls her notecard wanna be a shes not one already
and she wants the Agnes Finney "Goddess" in red (wanna be a diva id say)
"So I can stop drooling over the dress and have people drool over me.. lol".

now belinda drooling is actualy needed this days, u probably do good watering the land keeping the plants green. we want u to keep drooling so u dont win...this time.

Sekhmet Magic is telling us a touching story, hear that out.

"while i myself would love to win some beautiful jewelry and clothing fom your great place, i would like to enter my sister, here, and in real life, into your contest.
last november she went through two low dose chemo treatments and beat cancer.

then decided that she wanted nothing more than to serve her country.

she gave it her all, a mother of four grown boys and age 39, and got into bootcamp only to have that dream crushed due to a previous injury to her shoulder.

she has just this past week gotten test results showing that she now has something in her left lung and around her esophogus. the are doing the biopsy tuesday to be certain, but feel that this is cancerous.
she has a battle ahead of her yet just this afternoon she has found something to get excited about. she is getting a few of us together to take part in a four mile breast cancer walk this october. Team Pink Dragons, lol. she is aware that she might not be able to walk all of it, but is dertermined to give it all she has. that is the type of person she is.
so i would like to enter Roze Criss instead of myself. she could use the surprise and happiness, not to mention anything that you would decide to award her. She is so easy to please and really loves pink and girly sexy things btw.
ty Sekhmet. and Roze, you are wonderful i wish you luck . i wish u health and happiness and we wanna hear good news!!!

Levinia Juneberry is being a sweetheart she would like the FS Magnolia Collection Silver & Bliss Couture Tina Gown purple

thats what she says
"I should get those things for free cause I found a new RL love on SL and until we will move together for real in a few weeks SL is still the only place to surprise him with a new, tempting outfit (what is very very neccessary these days cause we are quite impatient by now). ;)
[6:29] him: i only wait the moment when i can start my plan
[6:29] him: and thats kill me[6:29]
him: i dont like to wait[6:30]
me: i hate to wait[6:30]
me: it's only rumour i am patient
-> it's serious!"

Yea! hard condition, we all been through that, but sry- your gift is to be with the most wonderful man in the world(for you) good luck!!

JaCiCa Damone

Wants the *FS*August collection
And those are the excuses: "there are many reason i would like to win 1 is becasue i just love you jewery 2 I have never and will never ask any designer for something free it isnt right you all work so hard. 3 I (giggles) am really only doing this to help out some if i dont win i hope whom ever does win is really someone that deserves it
and yes if you notice i did pick out an outfit not sure what would look the BEST with the August collection..
this was most sweet really almost tempted to give my soul sit nights and days , bead and solder just for you. i would be living sl and be your jewelry slave...thought about it when something tickled my head it was reality.

Now the last one:
this notecard im not even gonna edit.
it has so much charm that i cant touch it, the request is from lovely Enwa Emor

"Hihow r u Yula ? wish u are fine and all is goodfirst plz excuse me for my weak english
oh u know u show me what hard(complicate) is mean ..hard = let a woman choose from alot of gorgeous thingsI walk long time and in each shop I stop at I say oh I love and want this ..when I end my tour I have more than 10 outfit I realy like and as them jewelsI am now as who say to me choose between ur right eye or left eye who I love more ..
and u ask for a reason .. why I should have this for free ?I should have it coz u are generous and i deserves this generous and kind from uI am only a peaceful girl who wish some luck to be more pretty and beauty front of her loveri am only a poor Cinderella and u r the kind fairy
the jewel set i most like : *FS* Gem collection, outfit most like : Alexandre-floral pink
and ty a lot , wish u all best"

this notecard made me smile, burst in lough and filled me with warmth
you win the why me contest and your photo wearing those items will be published in our blog.
ty all for joining it was fun reading your thoughts and getting to know you better.
Ewna reaction:)
when i come again to the computer after i leave ewna a messege about her winning, her respond is waiting for me in my email. look at that pure thing.

"Enwa Emor: omg omg i cannot belive my eyes i am the luckiest girl in this world ty ty ty ty alooot .. oh i win a part of heaven ty ty ty i want fly and jump ,,, my wish is know perfect english to thanks u and say to u what i realy feels ty ty for this great honor u give to me"

huggs u all, yula.

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