Thursday, October 14, 2010

SL to RL Love, Yula Finesmiths Story

How many of you believe you can meet and fall in love with someone online and it can develop into a real life relationship? Well I am a firm believer and can relate to Yula's story, so for anyone that thinks it is impossible read below. Yula was gracious enough to share her experience.

Yula and Spliph

Perla: Did you think it possible to meet someone online and fall in love with them in real life?

Yula: Never, I thought it was ridiculous that this happens to people. I am a very realistic person. Very involved in real life with my family and friends. I never thought it would happen to me

Perla: But then it did happen to you. :-)

Yula: I was amazed to hear stories when I came to SL and see so many couples. I thought it was weird.

Yula: I was in my store right after it opened and he came in with one of the models. He had only been in SL for a week and hand dreads and funny pants so we started laughing together. I was going to get married in RL and did not think of falling in love.

Perla: You were engaged in RL at the time?

Yula: Yes, I was engaged with a ring on my finger and it actually was a pretty good relationship.

Perla: Wow, that is amazing.

Yula: Spliph and I got closer and we became friends and then a couple in SL. We started exploring and playing games in SL and had so much fun. I was always into making my jewelry and fashion and not playing the game.

Perla: Did he live in the same country?

Yula: I am from Israel and he was from the states.

Perla: It must have been difficult to tell your fiancée in RL

Yula: Yes, it was very hard and I told him I was not ready for marriage so we split up. 6 months me and Spliph were in SL together day and night and also meeting on Skype.

Perla: Well you really developed a strong connection.

Yula: I had never met a guy like him before. He was patient and generous and 6 years younger than me I am proud to say :-)

Perla: Woohooo.. How did you handle the time difference?

Yula: He would wake up every morning at 3am to talk to me for an hour and then wake up early before going to work and we talked again.

Perla: You guys had a solid routine.

Yula: We also had messenger and text messaged each other all day. It took a lot of commitment.

Yula: After 6 months we decided it was time to meet and we each made arrangements to take a flight to Barcelona, Spain. I kept thinking wow, what am I doing? what’s going to happen because it was virtual all this time and we never touched. I was afraid of attraction issues because people can look different on cam. The moment I saw him walk off the plane I ran into his arms just like in the movies.

Perla: It sounds too good to be true. Just like a movie. Wowww.

Yula: We stayed in Barcelona for one week visiting historic places as we are both big art lovers. On the last day of our trip we cried so much. This is how I knew our feelings were so real.

Perla : What happened next? Did he visit you in Israel?

Yula: A month later I took a flight to the states and the rest is history. We have been married for one and a half years now.

Perla: Well you really followed your heart and this is proof that people can find rl love online. When you meet someone online you become connected on a mental and emotional level. This is inspiration that if you open your heart to love anything is possible.

This reminds me of a song sung by Marvin Gaye " Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Ain't No Valley Low Enough. Ain't No River Wild Enough. To Keep Me From Getting To You Babe"

One thing that I have learned is we can think love away with our mind instead of opening our hearts.


floraws said...

wow, Yula... only one flaw in your story: it is not mine. LOL
Marvelous, delicious, interesting... and inciting. Very proud to be your friend, Yula!

yula Finesmith said...

i love you:)

Scarlett Loxingly said...

awe, so beautiful Yula honey! Brock and I met online too. Not in SL but in a different chat program. Been together for nearly 7 years and married 2 1/2. :) Love is special and amazing no matter how you meet, its about how you keep it alive once you do.


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