Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finesmith news report;)

Ice Ice Baby... This necklace will be offered for 10L in Finesmith Designs Main store untile October 21, its simple, yet the textures are so amazing they twik up any look.

Finesmith Stylista week 3 is about Mannerism, all we ask is...Whats your Maniera?
Join us Friday,9AM @ Finesmith main store- Info on Finesmith Style here

Latest Release is Kitsch couture necklace and Bracelet, the bracelet is give ATM as group gift- and surely will be replaced soon - Finesmith Designs Main store:)

This is our Lovely First week winner of ms. FS*Stylista- Scarlett Loxingly who amazed with her way of saying- Steampunk. judges thought she had a way of bringing elegancy into the theme and match amazingly the jewelry.  scharlett is the first Finalist out of 10. CONGRATS!

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