Friday, September 18, 2009

Dazed and confused

past few weeks flew like arocket, hunt after hunt, another new set, jewelry got me by surprise.

so now its Rosh Hashanah evening in israel and for me here in the US is soon to come, its the jewish new year. and we eat different things and make a blessing one of the blesses if for the year to come to be sweet like honey. so we slice an apple and deep it in honey and welcome the new year with good taste.

this gift is waiting for you all in the shop zero L's.

the september set featured by the model of the moneth Destiny Southpaw is ready and up for sale with a texture changing gems. and in a great price of 280L only for necklace, earrings and ring its simply beautiful.

thats what Destiniy is telling us about herself:

"Hey, my name is Destiny. I haven’t been playing Second life very long but I’m already finding myself spending more time in Second Life then I do my Real Life. It’s so addicting! Shopping is one of my favorite things to do, both on here and real life. You always can find me at a store if I’m not with my husband. I’m a quiet person until you get to know me but then I won’t shut up. I love dancing and I love exploring. I’ve always have been amazed by the places people dream of and create on here. I'm goofy, moody, stubborn, and too optimistic most of the time. Well, that’s a little about me. :-)"

Destiny is the 4th model that will join FS face 2010, automaticly. between 12 models that are chosen evry month until june 2010 one will be FS face and win 20k and fat contract.

**were participating Jewelry fair 2009- 2 sims all full with jewelry im drooling there

And heres FS lovely booth.

**were participating MCcoys island with veriety of look for that lil golden flying horse and grab it. new gift evry 5 minuts. go visit get some gifts if u love dancing with your partner u can enjoy the MCcoy ballroom as well, if u like shopping i promise u will find evrything there.
and FS is there so thats the best gifts anyway:)

***i came up with asweet idea. it just that i love my group and i
love playing games with them so THATS THE CHALLENG:D

You go to FS main shop
pick your next set or one jewelry and man can do it too, for
themselfs or their partners.

then- you go to the mall part and u choose the outfit you

and u write down on NC ...why u need to win those items? who are
you to win? what makes u better to winning ? make it funny make it sad make it
how u like it.

im posting it in our blog and monday after you guys make some
comments on one another story.

we will decide the one to get it.
*but remember, we need to get at least 10 group members to join
thats, so call your frieeeends.

** FS will open the outlet floor- evrything in that floor between 1-100L. ahuh!

*will be also stuff from our teriffic vendors.

new hunt: RFL hunt. 2 roses will be hidden in the shop for u to find.

thats all for today see u in few days with the folks reasons for why they should be gifted fromFS ;)

loves and huggs..

and shanah tova.


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