Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is the second night already that im tossing and turning in my bed next to my softly snoring teddybear that likes calling himself spliph he's smooooke'n, yum, were such Love Birds thats why we joined FS in the hunt there are 2 gifts boys and girls in those blue and pink hearts, check it out, ofcourse when ure SLian and u cant sleep u use this time wondering in sl finding what to do...jump to FS and clear the outlet wall, go click on MM boards, wait completely bored next to the lucky chair in the shop it has 3 gifts so u just wait for all of them no kiddin u gotta try it atleast once its so relaxing doing that. but my problem this night was different i couldnt just jump in a world that is all good, and forget it wasnt my lucky(chair)day (?) , lol, of my sweet models that was supose to blog here Arizona Wirefly has decided RL is much more important (how ever did she get that idea? i wanna know who planted this twisted thought in her mind..), so thats how happens that i have ablog and no one to write in it, its like being thrown from acar by your friends on away to a party on a rainy day (makes me wonder how many times it really happened and what u need to do to make your friends so pissed off that they kick your ass to the rain...) well so i tried droping that on my beloved manager Chysanne Jinx (herass her as many as u can!) that does agreat work with saving my ass in sl and she just said "fuck off its your problem u cant run crying all the time and expect me to wipe your tears OVER and Over ", or she actualy said "nooo im a bad writer", which sounded just the same to me and anyway thats just annoying cause i know she lies . in a moment of deep weakness my mom spirit came to me (harsh damn, i know shes alive but shes so far away) and said yuuuuuula yuuuuula "eim ein ani li mili" which is an old hebrew saying that got too many funny interpertations but means basicly- Just do it yourself cause if u wont do it there aint no one else doing it for ya girl.

so here i am letting my tears fall on the keyboard ill be lucky to survive the electric shock aiming to happen here.

new releases of this week are greek influent bracelets beautiful dirty gold, flowers and organic shapes , iv added Gem changing menu so u can be in an emerald day or sapphire day and decide yourself out of 6 Gems, i also edded texture change 'cause we all know beautiful dirty gold dont match evrything so u can be silver or copper or just yellow gold. here took apic for u in FS

thats the set im wearring called the spring collection i love it and it has necklace bracelet, gorgwous earrings Bindi just cause i feel like it and its special and ofcourse how can it be spring without Anklet for your sexy ankle.

the outfit is Lil's Fashion who is my september partner for flickr contest yes yes the contest we been waiting for finaly no voting. it wont get ya to *FS* MODEL OF THE YEAR but it will give u the respect with 5k, 3sets of FSjewelry and 2000L in vouchers at Lil's, other then that the winner will be featuring FS and Lil's cooperation of making a unique outfit and jewelry which will be sold cheack to cheack in our stores. and evryone will see u:) so go in to view the rules or visit us inworld at *FS* jewelry design where u can find FS jewelry AND Lil's fashion

now shortly what else happening in FS this week by our beloved Chrysanne Jinx:

We are participating in the Lovebirds Hunt and the Nexxu Hunt, come in and grab the hunt items before it's too late !!!!
Put *FS* Jewelry Design into your picks, and lcick on the picks giver to receive your free gift!!!
the Jungle Collection Zebra Ring

**********************AUGUST GROUP GIFTS
For her -- Laced Patch Belly Chain
For him -- Knot Collection Necklace
Elegant and sexy to accentuate your style !!!
The theme for this contest is .. "A NIght of Style with *FS* Jewelry Design" - *FS* Jwelry Design and *FS* Design Mall offer a wide variety of styles.. What is your styile let us see your *FS* Style ...
Beginning on September 1, until September 15, 2009, you may upload up to 5 different professional quality photos of wearing iems from *FS* Jewelry Design and *FS* Design Mall. The winner wil be announced on September 20, 2009.
L$5000 - and 2 sets of jewerly from *FS* Jewelry Design. L$2000 in gift vouchers to Lil's. The winner will also be featured wearing *FS* Jewelry Design Jewerly and an outfit from Lils, both will be sold in both the *FS* Jewelry Desgin Stores and the Lil's stores.
All participating will receive a special gift from *FS* Jewerly Design.


The August Model of the Month conest is under way with a L$5000 prize, and the winner will go on to compete for the L$20,000 grand prize in the Model of the Year Contest !!!!


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