Monday, August 24, 2009

Hi all and oh..damn im excited WELCOME to finaly starting *FS* jewelry blogggggg
its such an honor to share with u guys...
FS jewelry is my baby as RL starting jewelry designer i found sl the place to let my imagination flow, well all of you sure taking part and doing agood job making are imagination go wild.
so with alil (alot actualy) help from my friends FS jewelry is one year old and finaly starting to show u on this blog what we created so far. our cooperations with other designers either jewelry designers or fashion designers.
there will be funny stories about things that happen to us in sl and ne exciting reveals inworld.
funny stories from models, weekly news from FS jewelry& mall, our growing outlet where u can get more for less, contests. maybe even job offers.
we will be happy to hear also your comments so make nice ones and dont forget mantioning how pretty i am.
huggs to evryone and welcome to FS** world of jewelry design....and some cloths;)

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