Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another busy day and another day of work and so many things happening and just the blog been left alone:(,
Rain of freebies...in FS* JEWELRY at least 10 new gifts lets see what the storm left behind.

New group gifts in halloween spirit

sexy Men - ruby eyes skull nipple ring in gold

freakin hot Women- skull and pumpkin lip peirceing

Picksgift this time is the web collection earrings

MM's ghost got over me for limited time u have 5 gifts.
*onyx men ring
^onyx necklace for men

*Emerald cut ring with amethyst

*Goldi collection, Belly button

*Diamond and Ruby Anklet

Im happy to announce the opening of FS* OUTLET where u can find items marked between 0-100L, from the FS*collection and from our mall merchants.

jump on my bike and check it out: http://slurl.com/secondlife/AMITYVILLE/75/112/37

new fashion group u should all try;). thats FS little daughter in fashion biz.

ॐFashion Alertॐ is ringing!!
Unbelievable Glamour News being reported!
Wakeeeeeeeeeee up!!!
This group is buzzing with important information for Fashion Lovers, Shopaholics, Design Seekers, Bargain Chasers, Sale Hunter and any other title for those who want the NEWEST, MOST STYLISH, JAW DROPPING, GLAMOUROUS DESIGNS found in SL!!!
Shake off the slumber and wake up to a welcome gift! Plus, enjoy a new gift every 100 members!!
You won't want to sleep through any of the exciting FASHION ALERT announcements!

*** also fashion shows and jobs in fashion industry-modeling, photographers, graphic designers, fashion groups, fashion blogs, we share evrything about evryone. if its fashion it shows up in Fashion alert! Join now and try i out.
*** in the near future Mall after that group, Blogg and Magazine- something alittle different then other magazines...yes yes advertise, and fash fashio fashion...but more suprising themes.

1.Pumpkin Print Hunt-

Pumpkin eyes, flying bats aaaannnnd a resize and colorchanging necklace from the Image collection

heres the hint- "Birds of the same feather, flock together.. but do pumpkins also mingle, chat up and gather?"
2.RFL hunt- look for 2 roses hidden in the shop!
1.FS* Greenheart Bindi
2. FS* Rosequartz necklace

3.Jack-o-turkey hunt hides anice gift u will all like- begins in 10-15-09

heres the photo, and to find it heres the hint-"jack - o lantern can't break your bones.. But you will find him hiding where it also means "stone".

4. The No hunt- begins in 10-15-09...just look for the Noooooooooooooo!

Pumpkin belly bling will be waiting for you with aclick.

FS* New releases-

playful costume eyelashes with Diamonds

Toxic green Eyes
part of the metalic collection.

IN FS* Flickr contest won Flossy carling
she wears Lil's fashion princess in champagn
and FS* Jewelry 14k Gem collection.
flossy won 5000L, 3 sets of jewelry and 2000L vouchers in Lil's Fashion Inspired by You!
Flossy will feature christams outfit and jewelry by FS* & Lil's

thats all for this time
see ya'll soon.

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