Thursday, January 28, 2010

News this week!!

Fine times at Finesmith!! yula has got the IT!

1. Fresh hot from the Oven!! *FS* releases its first set of shoes!! I am so honored to have shoes with my name.. OMG! Ladies, you have got to have one!

Elegant *FS* Belinda Stillettoes with gold and diamond accessories, 6 color change and resize menu.. only for $L299!! Hey Ladies!! That's 6 pairs of shoes for less that $L300!! WOW!!

Now available at the Mainstore! Be the first to own a pair!

2. Fresh new diamond earrings for only $L129

The perfect pair to complete the *FS* Falling Diamond collection!

3. Finesmith Model Search is ongoing.. over L$40000 worth of cash and prizes awaits the winners! Deadline of entries is February 15! If you think you have what it takes to be *FS* Face 2010, make sure you're in!

4. Sale! Sale! Sale!
*FS* Weekly Dollarbie!! *FS* Gold Nose ring for only 1L.
Eyes! eyes! eyes!
*FS* Metallic Eyes Collection is only 10L each!!
Whoa! You can have different eye color everyday!
60L Sunday Item:
*FS* Belinda Stillettoes with gold and diamond in purple!

And finally! It's Thursday once again and shopping bells are ringing!!
- 35L Thursday *FS* Items -
Hop on that list, visit *FS* Mainstore and have a go at your weekly fashion dash thru SL's finest!
Have Fun!!

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