Saturday, January 23, 2010

FS* FACE 2010- think you got what i takes?

Hear ye hear ye!! Calling to everyone with taste of creativity, oozing with confidence,charm and wit Finesmith Jewelries by the amazingly gorgeous designer Yula Finesmith!! is currently looking for the new face for Finesmith this 2010!!

Angeltatz Lane- FS Face of the Year 2009
are you the next one?

here's how to join and don't miss the chance to win big lindens and be famous!! good luck everyone!

Finesmith Jewelry Design is looking for 5 models to join the 7 Model of the Month winners and complete the FABULOUS 12 for the *FS* Face of the Year 2010 finals on March 19, 2010. Here's how to join:

What to do:
1. Join the Finesmith group. Must be a member to qualify.
2. Put the mainstore in your profile picks.
3. Put in your profile that you are a contestant for the *FS* Face of the Year contest.
4. Buy at least a set of jewelry from *FS* Jewelry Design and have your photos taken.
5. Each model is to submit nine (9) photos, in a folder with the title as [name of the model] *FS* FACE FOR 2010
Example of title on folder: Belinda Levee *FS* Face for 2010

** folders not titled this way will be disregarded
6. Include in the folder your transaction details in a notecard.
( to get your transaction details go World-->account history)
**Only jewelries bought within January 15 to February 13, 2010 only are qualified to be used.
Criteria and Judging:
1. Photos must be of the following categories:

- 3 categories for the photos with *FS* JEWELRY as a subject -
A. Night in the town
B. Dreamy afternoon
C. Sunny day

2. Photos will be judged based on creativity.
3. Photos can be done with photoshop.. or made in-world, as long as it is of high quality.
4. Photos must be full perm, 512x512 each.

1. Folder containing the 9 photos and transaction detail must be sent to yula Finesmith no later than February 15, 2010 midnight.

2. The top 5 winners will be announced on February 22, 2010.

The chosen Top 5 models will win the following:
1. Cash prize of 5000L each.
2. A set of new release *FS* Jewelry collection each.
3. Will be featured in Fashion Alert magazine that goes out to 6000 subscribers.
4. Publicity in Finesmith group (1300 members), photos displayed in the mainstore, and blog feature in Fashion Alert and Finesmith blog sites.
5. Finalist in the *FS* Face of the Year where he/she has a chance at the grand prize of 25000L and one year modelling contract at Finesmith Jewelry Design.

** Finesmith Jewelry Design reserves the right to change dates of deadlines. Finesmith Jewelry Design reserves the right to reject candidates who are not following all the terms of contest.

For further inquiries, contact yula Finesmith or Belinda Levee

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