Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Spring dress" - group special

This is my first blog post as Finesmith blogger and model! Yaaayy!! hehehe Now, serious, since the day I started my modeling career, I had the dream to become a model for my favorite jewelery store, Finesmith. I remember casting to be in-store model and I wasnt succeded, because I knew I wasnt that good yet to make part of such a fabulous team. But this year my dream came through. I casted for in-store modeling and after being selected to work on the store for 3 times, I was invited to the Models group. I couldnt be more happy! 

Ok, now back to this blog post... lol The dress Im wearing is part of the "Spring" set, but this dress in particular is a group special and it is available at Finesmith for a special price. "Spring - Moonstone" has this beautiful mixing of colours and it is a must-have!

If you havent join Finesmith group yet, here is one good reason to do so. 

Here is the limo to the mainstore:

Aditional items:
Hair by D!va
Jewelery - Crystaline set by Finesmith

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