Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finesmith - Spirit for Fashion for K.I.D.S

Im a bit late with this  blog post, but wanted to blog this amazing dress anyway and talk a bit why it was created for.
Recently, there was a fabulous event called Fashion For K.I.D.S (April 14th till the 24th) and like always, Finesmith supported this beautiful cause. Fashion For K.I.D.S was a lonk week charity event and K.I.D.S help children in some delicate situations, like, homelessness and domestic violence.
This amazing event donated 97% of the donations to this cause.

So, for this event Finesmith created "Spirit", this fabulous dress with on the side big black flowers and an amazing hat decorated with flowers and beads.

Once again, sorry for being a bit late, but I hope you enjoy.

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