Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finesmith Jewelry Featured in the March Issue of Trend Magazine

(excerpt from article in Trend magazine March Issue)

Anyone who knows modeling and runway, typically knows and loves Finesmith Designs. Models often wear Finesmith Jewelry because this is no sissy jewelry, it doesn’t hide beneath the clothes that are modeled, it makes a unique display all its own, giving the clothes an added addition of chic styling. How often have you worn a really beautyful outfit, put on jewelry and the jewelry just has no impact and does not improve the style of the clothes you are wearing at all. With Finesmith, you can rest assured this won’t happen.

Ms. Yula Finemith is an inpirational, funny and very creative person and such a dear friend to so many. I once read an article about Ms. Yula and she mentioned how she draws her inspirations from real life sculpture. It is easily seen in the attention she gives to her jewelry. Nothing is flat and un-inspirational, all of her jewelry invokes passion. I feel her works are created to add life and symmetry to your avatar, making the viewers eyes pan over your entire body not just your face and it is truly akin to wearing a work of art.

In these pages, we will show you some of the artwork Yula has been busy creating and we think you will agree, there is just something here for everyone. These pieces include the more haute style pieces to the mainstream gorgeous sets she is so well known for. But in all cases, the attention to detailing, the casual yet elegant creativity, and the bold fashion statement are all entwined in every piece of jewelry Finesmith creates.

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