Monday, March 12, 2012

Aquarelle Brings in Spring Time.

Hey Guys,

FINESMITH is ringing in spring in a HUGE way, the Aquarelle Set is burst of flowers all over the body and head.

This set reminds me of the vines that grow on the sides of buildings.  It is almost like the model had to sit in a static position for years to have this beautiful bouquet of flowers grown on their body.

The coloring of this set is stunning to say the least, such pops of color and the placement of the coloring choices are brilliant as well.  The choices of colors are all over and really any colors you choose will looking smashing together, such chaos, but yet, serene beauty.

A big changes that FINESMITH has released with his set would be a HUD that you use to control the colors choices and which pieces of jewelry get the color change.  Very well made and easy to read and navigate.

Overall, the Aquarelle Set is one that everyone must have to bring in Spring Time.  

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