Monday, February 13, 2012

yula FINESMITH new inspirations

                             Arrow goes forward only after it is pulled backwards.
                             Bullet goes forward only after pressing the Trigger backwards.

                 Every human being will be happy only after facing the difficulties in their life path..
                 So don't be afraid to face your difficulties.

                                                    They will push you forward. 

Hi - My name is yula Finesmith and this is My blog- this blog goes around my creations in the last 2 years in SL. i am not sure i even once before exposed whats inside my heart while creating
i am happy to share with you this time some of my inner self. broken notes that i write to myself before and while i am working on new concept.

Mynew researches bring me to create new items that take all the emotions from me, i had to take a time out and look into myself this past month, understand where it is coming from, what is the change i am expiriencing.
in this new collections for the coming season you will see, back to nature, undressing the emotiont, releasing all the angers, the harsch truth.
In other words reality is my key word for this season. connecting not to the past or the future, but connecting to now- looking to life in the face and asking where are we, where am I, as person, as creator, as part of society, and what do i want to bring others, what do i wish to get back.
the answer is- i want the truth, the beautiful truth with all of its details, the ugly truth with all of its sorrow .
 it comes with a fresh breath of firts spring air and smile from the past that i wish was here now but is lost. i decided to lose it and now all i have left is deal with concequences and find new smile, new happiness.
reality for the healthy person in prims, layers of facts we know or dont know about ourself. peeling the hard skin and look at myself exacly where i am Right NOW.
 its not about making a change its about expressing what i closed inside or didnt allow myself because i needed to protect other things.
this season is REALITY to the core.
The love of feeling, when we feel we exist- feeling mad, feeling inlove, feeling disgusted - as long as you feel with your heart and stomach.
this collections are inspired by people who build walls of protection around them
this collection is a contribution to feelings, life, society, you, me, us.
observing the outside, observing into my soul
The synergy between the segments creates one complicated world through my eyes.

This new valentine collection- LOVE DOES'NT GROW ON TREES is the first slap for how mold, old, creepy, parasites can look so beautiful if you allow it to be.
and this how skip Staheli captured it in the main image made to show this collection-

I want my creations to make me emotionaly tired and drained because this means i have given all i got to it. and some days i know i just need to take rest and stay away from creating even tho my mind wont let me, my hands still rest.

I have the happiness of creating in me so deep that its sensual, passionated like butterflies when you first fall inlove. in this piece i am trying to show the details are just growing from inside of me and raise up to control me.

but- real art/ design is controled by the creator and it will take as much time as it will take to show item to the world and allow people to cross the invisible line between mine and personal to public and belog with everyone. and when this moment comes this piece is no longer mine it is allowed for all to imagine and express with with it, love it or hate it buy it and wear proude or break it.

here are the rest of the items from this collection- and i can only hope anything i will present to people will be made with as much energy, excitement and accept this world with all it got.

Be well!
Love, give, heart, Live, whatever you do remember always live room for indulging yourself  without feeling bad about it- you deserve to enjoy life!
Love, yula finesmith

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