Monday, February 13, 2012

Revisting 'Melanie Inspiration'

I had the pleasure to be invited to do a couple of shots with photographer Cardozo Paolino as part of a photo project he was working on for his studio. He asked me to wear a colorful, 'wild' look that would be interesting and vibrant to photograph both for a face shot and a body shot. Something really unusual that captured my personality. I immediately thought of an outfit I had put together inspired by Finesmith's "Melanie Inspiration" set that I had not yet had the chance to photograph.

The "Melanie Inspiration" collection is one of my most beloved possessions from Finesmith. This is one of the designs that I feels truly sets yula Finesmith apart from all other jewelry designers in Second Life. The necklace and head piece I am wearing in these shots are both from the "Melanie" set and can be recolored in an awesome variety of combinatons. The brilliant, almost glowing blue I was able to tint the set with inspired the whole style of the outfit. There is also a stunning corset piece not shown here that I adore as well. I have also added on a set of Finesmith's "Dawn" bracelets in blue as I thought the color I was able to work with them just went so fabulously with the rest of the look.


BODY: Custom by Rusalka Designs
Skin: Glam Affair 'Mary Grey'
Eyes: CyberEYE by Giancarlo Corvale
Hair: PurpleMoon 'Ria in Sapphire'
Makeup: Lovely Mi 'Cyber Blue [Full], Mad 'Metal Lips - argent'
Clothing: Graves Leather 'G331' top, 'G128' top, [sYs] 'EBONYTE Catsuit' head covering & skirt, 'Psylo - Black Glvoes'
Jewelry: Finesmith 'Melanie Inspiration' headpiece & necklace, 'Dawn Bracelets Blue', NeurolaB Inc. 'Cber Heart X-2', PurpleMoon 'Metallic Blue Nails'
Shoes: NeurolaB Inc. 'Fatality Electro' boots
Photographer: Cardoza Paolino

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