Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Paulinha Lefevre

It is very hard to me to select a single piece from Finesmith as my favourite. I like them all, and I am always expecting the next one to come.

Yula is a very talented person, with a very good sense of art. I see the jewels as pieces of art—sculptures made with careful and exquisite taste. There's a lot of jewelery creators, and belive my words, it's very hard to be original in this matter, but Finesmith always sets the bar at such a high level, and never disappoints on the quality and design.

Finesmith is synonymous for boldeness, elegance and style. Each jewel is presented in a very planned production, models and photographers are cordinated by Rissa and blackLiquid under the eye of Yula, bringing to the customers and fans a unique fashion taste of things well made,

Store always has live models, who, more than just showing off the pieces, are a true help and offer advice for those in need of a little help. Xenobia is also often around to help with further information and help everyone to be happy for becoming the owners of a fine jewel.

Last, but not least, Yula Finesmith is a very approachable person, always listening and open to suggestions, in a very humble way—a true creator and fascisnating personalty.

Paulinha Lefevre

What is your favorite jewel from Finesmith?

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