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Each week for ten weeks models styled themselves according to a theme announced by Yula Finesmith. They prepared notecards about their looks, explaining why they chose what they did and what they were wearing. Each week they modeled their looks in front of a panel of judges and received feedback about what they had done well and suggestions on what to improve. And each week one person was named the winner. Here are their stories.

Week 1 - Steampunk: Scarlett Loxingly


Week 2 - Kitsch: blackLiquid Tokyoska


Hello I am blackLiquid Tokyoska, I chose to join The FineSmith Stylista week 2 Kitsch completion after having come second the first week.

I really wanted to have a chance to compete in the final for the competition and i felt what better opportunity than the awesome theme of Kitsch to get me there.
Considering that the whole completion revolved around the fabulous art work of yula Finesmith that was my driving force behind the styling, I took a few hours to go to the Finesmith store and absorb the artworks and get a good feel for yula's style and really let the jewelry speak to me, when I explored the upstairs I found Finesmith's "July Collection" necklace and arm bands which was Its the pivotal feature and central inspiration for My Kitsch nitsch! The look was deliberate, cute and tacky smothered by American iconography, character and theme, the jewelry dictated the over the top, flamboyant styling.

I was thrilled to win I felt that my style was strong and I was very happy with the result. I think this is one of the fairest and most interesting competitions thematically that I have been involved with. It has been an extrordinary journey and period of growth and I have been honored to have to opportunity to now work for yule and meet some lovely people along the way, having the chance to compete in the final along with many other high caliber Stylisa's in indeed an honor. I am really looking forward to Friday!

Good luck Ladies xxx
love & light

Week 3 - Manierism: Xenobia Foxclaw


When I saw this competition, I knew I had to enter. It sounded like fun, and I knew it would require some study since I know little about art. I put together a look for the first week, but missed the point that I actually had to show up at 9:00 a.m. SLT to show it off. (What was I thinking?) The second week I had a great time with a 50s kitsch look. It was the third week that was the hardest one for me because I had a hard time understanding just what manierism meant. However, I had the entire web to learn from and I read and looked at as many examples as I could to come up with my own interpretation. Once I really got the concept, I was able to examine the FineSmith Designs jewelry and find the perfect set for what I had in mind. The manierism theme as I interpreted it made me think from the skin out to get the look I wanted, but once I finally figured manierism out, putting together the look was relatively easy.

Winning was very exciting, but it was also a bit disappointing because I wanted to enter more weekly competitions. So each week I went to the competitions dressed in the appropriate theme. That was really a lot of fun and sometimes I looked great and other times I didn't, but I learned more about styling by listening to the feedback from the judges that each entrant received.

Would I enter again? You bet! This was a great learning experience and I'd do it again in a minute.


Week 4 - Surialism: Leah Portland


I'm Leah Portland the winner of the week four surealism heat of the Finesmith contest. I entered the contest because I had been blogging some jewellery for Yula and I had truly had fallen in love with the creativity that went into each piece. It really inspired me and I started to think about looks that would go with each piece. When I saw the poster for week 4 I was bowled over and wanted to step up to the challenge, so I did.

I chose my look by keeping in my head the jewellery that Yula had created particularly the names that she had given each piece. Among my favourites are the O collection. Then I saw an outfit that would make the O collection jewellery work. So I decided to take parts of the outfit and combine it with parts of another outift that had similar shapes and detail that would work together. I was overjoyed when it all came together and I won the heat for that week.

This contest has been amazing from start to finish and has also provided a learning platform by way of the judges' comments each week. Everyone who has taken part has been a winner in my eyes.

Week 5 - Classic: Rissa Friller

Week 5

I love to be given a challenge, so when I heard about Finesmith doing a weekly contest with a different theme given every week, I knew i wanted to do it. The first week I tried was for Surrealism, I didn't win that one, but I had fun trying! The following week was Classic and that one I could really relate to the most. I truly love the saying "less is more" and I think I carry that out through most of my styling. I love the timeless classic staples of a wardrobe so for me, I immediately chose to wear a tan trench coat and black leggings paired up with big bold sunglasses and my hair sleek and pulled back. I also knew every woman, decade after decade, has a great pair of hoop earrings that could go with just about anything and a classic diamond ring so i chose to wear Finesmith's Pietra Hoops & Diamond Earrings and Finesmith's ROME Ring. I loved my look from head to toe and luckily, the judges felt the same that day! I was so happy to hear I had won and am so excited to be able to participate in the finals!

Week 6 - Avante Garde: Elyna Carver


Week 7 - Fetish: Arisia Ashmoot


Hello! my name is Arisia Ashmoot and U was the winner of the week 7 with the theme of Fetish. After few weeks watching the contest, the themes for the weeks and how everything was going I decided to join... From my point of view, it is a very interesting contest for all models to show our skills styling in different themes, you can pick one you feel comfortable with or one out of your control zone to experiment... this allows you to grow up as model and develop your styling skills. Therefor the prices are really worth it and all the events are fun and you can meet new friends!

So when I saw the available themes for the following weeks something in my mind joined the words Fetish, in the flash earrings and disturbia veil and I thought, "Let's do it!" Fetish is not a style, we as models, have to many opportunities to create and develop, so for me it was also a chance to do something different from the styles I have worked out before.

After our show I was very nervous to hear about the winning model...and omg! When I saw my name in the notice I had a huge smile RL! It was amazing! Now we have the final event...I know it's a very hard competition and all the contestants are amazing models with a very great sense of styling...I don't know who will win! This is the golden question! And if you ask me, being honest, of course I would love to hear my name as Miss Stylista!

Week 8 - White: Kayma India

Hello to all those who don't know me, first of all I would like to talk a bit about who I am. As some of you know I'm a new model from October, since my entry into SL always been interested in fashion and composition of outfits. One day I realized that maybe my site could be working as a model, exploiting my resources and learning every day. Since I took this decision was very clear what I wanted and my aspirations, not intended as a tipical model, not trying to be a copy of any other model and I've shown me just as I am. I take this opportunity to thank all those who have trusted me without even knowing me, that I have given a chance, thanks to those people who admire my work, and thanks to those who do not like my style = P because that means that I meet my goals, I'm not the typical doll, nor do my work to please others just want to show myself, I am pleased that we are different.

Now I want to talk about my experience in the competition, and my decision to want to participate.

As mentioned before I've always been interested in the composition of outfits, how could you not try? the idea was really tempting, I knew it was a good place to let fly my imagination. The third was the charm! I learned something very important, for example my first and second participation in the contest, I spent so much time to do something good that I forgot one of the most important parts while editing prims =P I forgot that the contest was in a jewelry store, and I spent so much time to improve other aspects that I forgot this important, create an outfit that enhances the jewelry mostly. Thanks for the judges because i learned something else more. For the latter outfit knew that ethnic skin fit perfectly with a beautiful necklace that reminds me of the giraffe woman, has a bright protruding with bracelets and ring, all this along with the white color was emphasized! I never really try to follow patterns, I just do not wanted to appear on stage pretending to be a princess = P i wanted to risk it with something else, knew that nobody could take similar outfit, and I took a chance!

Finally I wanted to say again thanks to Yula and everyone who made this possible, has been a wonderful experience which i has opened other doors in the world of fashion. Before finishing meant the other girls that were presented and future candidates, be yourself! anyone can do it, do not be discouraged by the sometimes harsh criticism, accept it with gratitude and remember there will always be you who decides how to do things. We are all unique, must look inside you, let fly your imagination and be happy!

Kayma India

Week 9 - Contemporary: Valeria Endrizzi


I decide to enter the Finesmith contest because its look really interesting the fact of participate with lots of fellow models and competing in diferent themes. Adapt myself to theme was the most important this that attract me to the contest. When I decide to participate in the Contemporary theme I start to Google investigate more about this theme and I like what it means and what do I have to create, so I create my outfit with cold colors. And I present my style in front of judges and surprisingly they like it. Yay! I was so happy and when they announce I was the winner of this theme.

And been part of the group of amazing finalist models it's very great for me. It's been an amazing experience.

10 - Fashion Icon: Dementia Navarita


I first heard about this particular contest when it first came out in October, but do to RL was unable to join until the end, but, as it so happned the Fashion Icon was the one I could finally (!) join. I chose Louise Brook, because I am in LOVE with The Roaring 20s or The Jazz Age, and when I think of the 1920s style-wise, Louise came to mind. Finding a 1920s style dress was not difficult, but, finding a 1920s style dress that embodied such an icon was a bit of toughie. I couldn't bring myself to just slap on any dress, but then I went to *Donna Flora* and bam! the perfect dress, that screamed Louise Brooks (and do her vitural justice) was there. Now the jewelry, oh the jewelry, was the hardest part. Finesmith has soooo many great pieces it was really hard to choose. I finally came across the Wish earrings set. They were perfect! Chandelier style, with big diamonds, and dangly fringe, great for Louise Brooks, or any jazz babe for that matter. They accenuated the famous bob hairstyle beautifully, adding the right amout of "wow!" factor to the whole ensemble.

Jump to, the day of the competition. Backstage. Me and a few other stylistas. I knew I had my competition cut out for me. When I walked up front to hear the judges' critiques, I was amazed at all the feedback. They loved it! And later, after Yula kept us all in suspense, she announced me as the winner. I was beside myself and pleased that my styling wowed all the judges. I was also pleased that I managed to do Louise Brooks the justice she so deserves. Remember, "There is no Garbo, there is no Dietrich, there is only Louise Brooks."

-Dementia Navarita

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