Friday, November 19, 2010

Reaching for the Stars

Here we are always reaching for the stars wondering if our fingers will one day brush against the dream we wish upon. Touch the Stars is no exception to a dream. Beautiful lines, intricate detail, and made by one of the purest hearts of SL. Together with the Maniera Initiative, Yula has created this beautiful choker to raise money for the charity, Give2live, because of what it stands for. Here is a word from Yula, "I chose this charity because it helps children suffering from cerebal palsy. I hope this sale will go well and we can actualy donate nice amount of money to this good cause. Help me do something good.

yula Finesmith"

If there is a cause to donate for, this is just one of the many that will tug at your heart strings. So come on down to Finesmith Designs and get this beautiful choker while doing a good deed.
*It's ONLY Available for a Month, so be sure to get there quick and get it for the great price now!*

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