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                                                  FineSmith Style about- Fetish

 Winning the 7th week challenge of FineSmith Style about challenge is Arisia Ashmoot, The judges thought Arisia presented  look that every piece dtand for itself and creates a complete look, Arisia runway skills were impressive and the poses chosen carefully.
choise of jewelry match the theme perfectly and passed her thinking of strong independed and controling woman. WTG Arisia:)

Arisia Ashmoot
Styling card:

Skin: Redgrave - Daylight skin - Trinity

Eye make up: Cheap makeup - Le Tigre

Hair: Vioator - Casta diva in black

Jewelry veil: Finesmith - Disturbia collection veil

Earrings: Finesmith - iNThe FlaSh - Victorian secret

Outfit: mix and match of Violator Deep at night I'm alone in black Vinyl and Violator My Fetish in Platinum and black

Claws at left hand: Miamai - Myda finger nails (part of outfit)

Bracelet: Finesmith - OCollection011

Boots: Violator - Chain of Command in black pvc

Crop: Kinky Kontent - Elegant crop

I have had kind of assorted inspiration to create this style, but i wanted to keep always in mind the image of a powerful woman, create the image of a godess dressed up in vinyl and pvc, enhancing her beauty and feminity with fine yet fierce pieces of jewelry

Catlyn Sahara

Outfit: Ray Chain Suit in Metal by Alessandra

Shoes: Locked Ballet Boots in Black by LG V2

Jewelery: Ash Collar and Aria Bracelets by Finesmith Jewelery

Hair: Say in Brown 06 by [elikatira]

Nails: Glitter Silver by Candy Nails

Skin: Miss November in Calm 06 by C-Star Skins

Makeup: Glacier from Oceanic Pack by Avion

Eyes: Jungle from Cherry Killer Eyes by C-Star Skins

Shape: Custom Made by Lolita Greybeard

Today's fetish theme allowed me to combine a few fetishes together. When I heard the theme was fetish my mind immediately jumped to to the very well known Latex fetish. The Ray Chain Suit by Alessandra compliments the bodies natural curves while showing just enough skin to tantalize any man's desires. The second Fetish I thought of was a newer fetish.A lot of people where wearing the fetish ballet heels but they did not become well known until Lady Gaga started wearing them. The black fetish ballet boots by LG V2 go well with the latex suit and add just a bit a detail with the locks on them. The third and final fetish I thought of was the dominant/submisive fetish. The Ash collar and Aria bracelets reminded me of a collar and cuffs that a sub may wear. No matter what your fetish is there is always a way to combine several and still look fantastic.

Echo Xigalia

I am a Doll. Dolls cannot choose what they wear, but I got lucky that I have a Mistreess who has a real eye for dolly fashion. She chose to dress me in this pretty little dress from ***Diram*** called Madyson that is perfect for Dollies. My dress is black and white and comes with a corset that hugs my perfect plastic body in all the right places and is adorned with a brooch and a matching vintage style hat, which sits upon my perfect red mane of hair from *BC322*, and topped off with matching fingerless gloves, that is just right for any dolly. My Mistress then decided that I needed some stockings and some latex ballet knee boots from VvB, so I have the perfect stance at all times. But, while my Mistress wasn't looking, and before the "transformation" was complete, I snuck in the perfect little tear drop from Finesmith jewelry called "yula's tear" to represent my old self being encased in plastic and stuck for all eternity as a perfect little poppet, longing to get out. Finally, to complete my 'transformation' no good doll can be without an elegant key, which my Mistress got from [AiTech], and of course a OpenCollar and Elegance cuffs, so everyone knows that this doll was made with the utmost love and care.

((I chose this look, because dolls are one of the more un-conventional or even strange fetishes and a lot of people don't know that dollification IS a fetish and one that you can really play with with because dolls can come in so many different varieties. I personally chose the 'clockwork' style of doll, (although they also come in rubber, porcelain, and bimbo) because I think it is more versatile style of doll and you can have a lot more fun and versatile clothing/styling options for a clockwork doll. I went elegant and cutesy rather than latex and leather because that would have been a more obvious choice for a fetish, even though, that is what one probably thinks of when they think 'fetish'. I hope you all enjoy it, cheers and thank you.))

Kayma India

For this week I plan to work more on the aspect of the jewels on the outfit, something I learned last week thanks to constructive criticism. This sexy lingerie is from J'S seemed very appropriate for the occasion with a beautiful prim covering the chest, we see a belt that gives it a different and distinct from Addor, red boots perfect for this occasion, giving it a touch more rough me decided by the hair.: EMO-munications:., I hope your comments back =)

Style card:

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * UNDERCUT * / blonde

Eyes:::INka :: Eyes 03_set7

Tattoo: PIDIDDLE - Cold Cold Heart Tattoo - USL

Eyeslashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_N06

Earrings: Cybergirl earrings Finesmith


Nails: Finesmith Nails

Belt: *.*! Addoro !*.*_Mimmi-Belt

Lingerie: J's Lace-up BUSTIRE (Black Leather)

Gloves: Les gants *DIRAM*

Shoes: J's ThighHigh Boots (Red)

                                                                  Laduh65 Kimagawa

my name is Laduh65 Kimagawa and i'm a french model in sl.

➽ Desire and perversion have inspired my outfit to represent fetishism. Red for desire; jewelry sharps for perversion. The jewelry that I wear multiple flashes for the delight of fans of voyeurism.

Jewelry : Finesmith ( earring and broch Acupuncture / bangle chloe's / in the flash shpitz )

Hair: Truth

Boots : Bax

Body : ALLESSANDRA fashion red

Nails : Candy

Rope by Iren Tinkel



I have been waiting for this week to come, dressing in Fetish outfits is dream come true as we are not often asked for this type of style. You can let your hair down and just have fun, there are no wrongs or rights. Let your imagination lead and the rest will follow.

Styling Description;

The inspiration of my entire outfit came from the Expressions collar with the metal and spikes. The choice then became very clear to me for a great fetish look. I chose to accent the collar with the Finesmith O collection O11 bracelets, Scene in Cherry Micro Mini, PARA Designs "Black shadows" tattoo, black thigh high stockings, and Bootgasms naughty ankle boots adding just the right touch to this extremely sexy ensemble.

Style Card.

Outfit: PV Scene in Cherry

Jewelry: Finesmith Jewelry Expressions collar

Finesmith O collection O11 bracelets

Shoes: Bootgasm Naughty ankle boots (black)

Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Black Shadows Dark

Hair: A&A Tekesha Hair 1

Skin: Custom made by Ema Gunawan

Makeup: Alge's Designs- Black and Eye Jewels

                                                                         Nala Kurka

"I like feet. I definitely have a fetish. I love to see a man's bare foot, but its got to be taken care of."

(taken by

The most common definition for "fetish" is is to copy a sexuall desire on an object. Wearing and using the "fetished object" can cause an sexuall enragement. This can be for example shoes, lingerie, glasses, legs, arms.. On balance all is possible.

Its typical to wear catsuits (latex & rubber), high-heeled boots and corsets. Fashion is very important in the fetish-scene. Clothes are closely to the body and very sexy.

In contrast to my black-latex catsuit i used the Finesmith jewelry set "sweet cocktail". The name is agenda and the jewelry can be a fetish object in this case..

                                                                     Valeria Endrizzi

Valeria Endrizzi is wearing a short black latex lingerie with a unique texture. Its covered by some long stocking and suspenders. She add gloves to give it a bit of dramma to the look and also finemisth nails. The boots have a unique form and have some locks as details on it . shes wearing a makeup that shows how shes feeling by being tight with a ball in her mouth and last but the most important part of this outfit is the jewerly that Val is wearing called Acupunture perfect for the look! Thank you

                                                                        Shahez Admiral

Bridal murdered

Shahez has builded up her outfit around the" Yula's tear". This jewelry immediately fascinated me by its beauty and originality great sadness emanates from this jewelry that's why I decided to do something more intense than a bound latex . Then I thought about a bride who would be murdered and tortured back to life for revenge

To give life to her vision of fetish shahez wears a bloody wedding dress from Bare Rose biker boots from Redgrave and a black perfecto by *FA creation. To highlight the dangerous side of the boots and the perfecto, shahez has chosen to wear a fab::U::lous hair with black pearl by alienbar.

and to sublimate the all ouffit Shahez is wearing the Yula's tear the tiny but essential detail.
                                                            VelvetOnix Jewell

Tonight I am a strikt Latexlady, wearing a beamy Collar with a lot of onyxs. The Bracletes are also only onyx with silver frames. is the only Jewells or more? Maybe you can fix Velvet with that collar /bracletes.

I am wearing a transparent undershirt and above a openbreast Body.
The Skin has the AmidalaLook what give me a little surreal look.

The Hairs from Vanity gives me also a strikt look.

Now the Question am I a Latexslave or LatexDomina tonight?

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