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Ms.FS*Stylista- Classic week5

It was hard to begin with to give such a theme as classic, i must say the models attending todays contest deserve all the respect for howing up. its easier to look weird then to look elegant and still make you want to look the same.

Rissa Friller
Todays winning Model is Rissa Friller that managed to creat classic perfect look with use of Finesmith Jewelry
The Judges were impressed by her choice of Elegant Trench coat scarf and big sunglasses. she used Pietra big hoop golden earrings set with emerald cut Diamonds.

Description:Today's classic theme inspired me to take the "less is more" approach. When I think of Classic Styles, i picture the Iconic fashions of hepburn, Monroe, even Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham. So today, I decided to go for a casual Classic look with the basic tan Trench coat dressed up with a simple pair of black pumps. paired with beautiful bold classic hoop earrings and a gold ring with big bold sunglasses and a sleek ponytail with a headband. This look has always had a place in the fashion world decade after decade.

Jewelry: FS Pietra Hoops&Diamonds earrings
FS Rome Ring
Hair: Maitreya Milla in Chocolate
Sunglasses: HAYSURIZA~michelle sunglasses
Scarf~Michami, Ebba Scarf in black (modified)
Jacket~[SC] Surf Couture Corriedale Coat
Tights~Soxie Tights in Black
Shoes-[PM] Pixel Mode Baby T's plain in black
Nails-Candy nail Basic Nails in Brown
Skin-Lara~Leah in smokey Nude

                                                                       Nala Kurka

"Classic fashion" goes through all ages, can be worn by everyone and is always timeless. Any decade or any designer may have created it, its never "trendy" or "popular". I think classic underlines a refined taste.

The clothes from classic fashion are mostly simple: maybe only a narrowed dress, sleek shoes or a simple suit.

The color of clothes are mostly sheltered, like black, brown, red or white and the naatural materials, like cotton, silk and leather are mostly used.

I think the secret of classic fashion is the way, how you style this up. Every woman can give the theme "classic" their own taste. You can underline this by using great jewelry, gloves or hats.

For my daily classic look i choosed a dress from "Angel Dessous". For setting highlights i used the "FS* DESIGNS JANUARY BACK NECKLACE" to underline the wonderful backside of the dress and my individual look. Complete is this outfit with the FS* JEWELRY KAGAMI RING.

Elyna Carver

Catlyn Sahara

Dress: Madyson in Gold by Morea Style

Jewelery: Necklace: Nerrative by Finesmith Jewelry

Earrings: Silver Hoop Earrings (color changed) by Beloved Jewelery

Hair: Susan in Chestnut by Magika

Shoes: Wild by N-Core

Nails: Clear Glitter French Fresh by Candy Nail

Skin: Calm 06 of Miss November Skins 2010 by C-Star

Eyes: Dazzling Sapphire Eyes by LAQ

Eyelashes: Flirty in Black by LAQ

When I heard the theme was Classic my mind immediately jumpped to two looks. In my mind Classic is either a long red formal gown or a black cocktail dress. Seeing as it is morning I decided to go with a cocktail dress. Every woman should own atleast one black cocktail dress. It is a staple of any woman's wardrobe. This is one of my favorite black cocktail dresses. It has a very fine detailing with gold and the necklace just matches the detailing and the style of the dress perfectly. This really is a look any woman could wear just out and about with friends.

                                                                   VelvetOnix Jewell

She was very fashionable in her time.

Special for that time the women wears perls to her outfits, but VelvetOnyx tried to bring that concinnity in to the presence.

VelvetOnyx decided to wear necklace and earing from the Finesmith Collection Glance. And the Necklace is realy a glance on that outfit. Also the big shiny earings sais "Hello look to me"

The long cold silver necklace recline over the fluffy black dress with sequintop. At her hips you can find the sequin again in form of a belt.

To finish her outfit Velvet is wearing long white gloves with deepgray wristbands and homley drapper highheels in black.

Her Hair is a classic updo with a frisky veil in black and some black and white flowers.

In typical Audrey Hepburn manner you also can find a Ladystick in her hand.

So this is VelvetOnyx version of Audrey Hepbrun in the Year 2010.

Thank you.

Sophira Nitely

The word classic has such a wide range of meaning. Most recognize the meaning of classic a authentic, elegance, beauty, graceful, divine, excellence and historically memorable.

When I thought about these words and what classic meant to me I instantly thought of Marilyn Monroe. She will forever be a timeless classic and who better person then she to sum up these words. Even her life was a classic story "from rags to riches". Marilyn Monroe will always be someone to look to when we want to be inspired to be full of style, grace, and classic taste. To best show her classic style I wear today her famous white dress by Vita Bella, Mia by Analog dog to show her beautiful locks of bleach blonde hair, Lizzi Lashes by Dime Piece, her lovely white high heels to show off her great legs named Pretty Feet by Diva's shoes and last but not least Idioma a dazzling but elegant piece by FineSmith Designs.

                                                                       Chloe Panthar

                                                                    What is Clasic in Fashion????? How is Classic Defined in Fashion????? Who will be Ms. Classic Finesmith????

When I think about Classic Fashions and Classic Looks, Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn are three ladies I feel define this look gracefully and elegantly.

Classic Fashion Styles are the ones that last through the ages and appear flattering on anyone. They go way beyond trends that come and go......they are timeless.

Just like Audrey Hepburn wore this charming design to help women define themselves in the 60's it has become a classic style for all women. That is exactly why I chose this classically simple black wool dress features a boat neck bodice and a slim fitting skirt with a flexi frilled hem. A satin bow sash finishes off the waist on this very elegant dress. The hat is dark grey felt with a black edging and chiffon flexi ribbon. No outfit of this style would be complete without oversize tortoise-shell sunglasses and elbow length gloves. Stockings, jeweled necklace and matching bracelt along with matching shoes completes this outfit that defines the Classic Style for years to come.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen for the opprtunity to come before today and display a Classic Style that lives on over the ages.
Outfit from: Crazy Pastry Designs

Jewelry: Finesmith's December Jewelry Collection

Hair: Pocket Mirrors Ivana Bob

                                                                       Helen Zhora

Helen is wearing a very classic dress, superbly cut, with fitted panels that show off her stunning figure. It looks deceptively simple but there is a great deal of detail in it and matching accessories.

It is black, has a touch of lace on the bodice to emphasize her bust line, single thin straps and a frill all down the right side. This detail stands out and is not at all floppy, making this classic style dress a little different. The skirt is straight and finishes just above the knee.

Helen as usual completes the outfit with stunning jewellery and shoes. The seamed black stockings go perfectly with the sandals also in black. There is a frill arrangement on the back of the shoes that echoes the one on dress.
Her hair is a classic simple but elegant style and goes very well with the whole outfit. Stunning silver chunky jewellery with touches of black and white give the finishing touch. A necklace of large silver petals with a black centre and white edge and matching earrings and two silver spiral bangles complete the look.

Elegant, classic lines shown off perfectly by Helen.

Hair : by 69 JESSICA

Skin : by -Glam Afair

Eyelashes :by Redgrave

Jewelleys :- Finesmith Idioma

Dress :by Lelutka

Stockings :by Sydney

Shoe: by - Maitreya

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