Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good Bye Finesmith Summer Boutique

After a long super summer it's time to say goodbye to Finesmith Summer Boutique.

We especially thank all our awesome * DESIGNERS * who made this project would start a great summer, and have been a very important part for all of us with their wonderful designs thank you so much for everything you are amazing !

Finesmith Jewelry - Yula Finesmith
VIOLATOR  -       Soraya Vaher
[LIV Glam]  -       samanthasjones resident
Liv-Glam K collection -  kim lysette
GIZZA -             Giz Seorn
BLACKLIQUID -   Blackliquid Tokyoska
 .::Pure Poison::. -    Shaleene Kenin
 EMO-Tions       -  Mirja Mills
{{BSD Design Studio}} -  BabyChampagne Sass
ZANZE -            zzoiezee resident
Vanity Hair  -     Tabata Jewell
[ #7 ]  -             shortcake sugarplum
LaGyo -             gyorgyna larnia
::JOLI:: -              Aisling Caiben
LOOVUSH-         Vikeejeah Xevion
GLAM DREAMS - sandytpr Lysette
[sYs] DESIGN-    Systi Cisse
[CIA Designs] -   ayla stradling
COMTEMPO -      Ewan Crumb
YoKana        -      yokianasl
Loovus Dzevavor -  Vikeejeah Xevion
BaoBa -             Petalos Clary
AvaGirl -             lilac niven
AKERUKA -          KaoZ Koba / Agony Helse
BLUSH -             marie whitfield
Amarelo Manga- Luana Barzane
Countdown  -      Antoniaxp resident
*PosESioN* -      Dahriel Resident
::WetCat::     -      wetcat Flux
Living Imagination - bodza mubble
Nya's Shop     -  Alina Blaukempt
+:+WTG+:+     -  Tosy Xue
Yasum Designs -  Azlyn Vaher
Countdown -      Antoniaxp
Loordes of London - coleen macarthur
[[ Masoom ]] - amberchaudry .corpur
Indyra Originals - Indyra Seigo

we invite you to enjoy the last hours for the Finesmith Summer Boutique we are closing today before 12am SL.

we promise that we will have more wonderful events with designers very soon


Finesmith Team

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