Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finesmith - Love Doesn't Grow On Trees Meets Fashion for Life Schoen 'Sei' Kimono & ~Hush~ Skin

You just have to love it when those great moments of perfect timing happen. I have been wanting to create an outfit to go with Finesmith's spectacular 'Love Doesn't Grow On Trees' large version necklace ever since I acquired it. Unfortunately I just had not found the time to go looking for an outfit and nothing I had in my inventory seemed quite right. Luckily, this weekend I received a blogger package from Schoen containing their exclusive, special 2012 Fashion for Life 'Sei' kimono -- and it was perfect!

Right before putting together this outfit, I had also just received a blogger pack from UrbanLutz Hair by Finesmith model & photographer Taylor Wassep containing this great ‘Geisha [BLACK]‘ hair style. Plus, another 2012 Fashion for Life blogger package from ~Hush~ provided this lovely, 'Paige - CherryBlossom - Sugar' skin with fabulous coloring to go with the look. You can't beat how that all just came together so beautifully! The somewhat non-traditional neckline on this kimono, combined with the 'Love Doesn't Grow On Trees' necklace, was too fabulous.


Body: Custom by Rusalka Designs
Skin: ~Hush~ ‘Paige – CherryBlossom – Sugar’ for Fashion for Life
Eyes: Umedama Holic ‘Frozen Eyes (teddy bear)’
Hair: UrbanLutz ‘Geisha [BLACK]‘
Jewelry: Finesmith ‘Love Doesn’t Grow On Trees Big Version’ necklace, ‘BrickRed’ nails & rings
Clothing: Schön ‘[White] Kimono gown “Sei” for Fashion for Life
Shoes: Schön ‘Flat Shoes [Gray x Black]‘ from Fashion for Life
Pose: Morgane Batista Poses Shop ‘Morgane’s Runway – MVW Kimono Rusalka 1′

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