Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Limited Editions: REHANA Collection from FINESMITH

Hey Guys,

So i get some info for you, if you are looking for just a new collection of jewelry to wear.  Look no further then just released pieces from FINESMITH called the REHANA Collection.

The REHANA Collection was created with matching earrings, a beautiful necklace and ring accessory.  The necklace, to me, kind of makes the wear look elegant with the way the gems are placed on the necklace and especially on the ring with the overlapping of gems.  I just love the piece that seem to be protruding outward especially on the earrings; just has the effect of making the earrings look larger and therefore making the ears appear smaller.  What girl wouldn't want to have something smaller on them. 

In the picture above, I am wearing the Vintage set that has an array of different purple and violet shades as the gems.  Also in the REHANA Collectio, there are the following sets: 

The Africa Set has red, yellow,black, and mint gems on wood bands 

The Black Set has black gems with black bands

The Bronze Set has black gems with bronze bands

The Platinum Set has black gems with platinum bands

The Rojo Set has red, yellow, and mint gems with red bands

The Sunshine Set has yellow, black, and mint gems with yellow and black gradient bands

Each set is as beautiful as the set before it.  Now, the kicked in this situation is that since this collection is only limited edition.  Then only the first 30 people to come to FINESMITH Main Store and get that pair or pairs you want.  There is actually 50 Platinum Sets due to the overwhelming love of the platinum pieces FINESMITH has been releasing as of late.  



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