Saturday, December 31, 2011


Yula called this one Holiday Tale after the delightful tale she wrote about it. I hope you enjoy.


Here is Yula's Holiday Tale:

Her looks were silk, and her whole being sensuality. The men would look in admiration and the town women said she was the daughter of the devil in hateful jealousy. No one knew the story that one day would become known.

The Holiday Tale started and ended on one day of the year—a day that all of them seem to celebrate. The day was that of her birth. It was that day that she was looking through the window calling to her long lost love, growing thorns around her neck, eyes and ears. One thorn grew every year that passed by without him. Every year she stayed young, but her heart grew old and tired. It was that day that the old witch cast a spell on her heart and body, "Forever stay young, forever heart broken and the man who will try to touch you will bleed by your thorns."

The piano was playing in her head, her dreams would not let go, and the sorrow prevented her from making a sound or saying a word. Yet she knew or thought that perhaps this is why she is silent... day the truth would be heard in all of the villages around and and maybe a cure would be found to mend her broken soul, but not this year. As we celebrate by drinking another bottle of wine, she will be lonely looking through the window and thinking how it would be to be alive outside of this window, outside of this frame, a real human/avatar and not only a captured image.

Yula says that her creative writing teacher used to say she screwed it all up in the last sentence because she had to make some ridiculous joke. Yula used to reply, "Wellllll, I'm not writing the Bible, it's just a story."

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