Friday, June 10, 2011


Ready, set...HUNT!

Finesmith Hung

Don't miss out on the most incredible hunt starting Friday, June 10th at Finesmith Designs. Search throughout the store for Finesmith Jewelry. Some of the hidden treasures are brand new exclusive items made for this hunt. The hunt will last until end of June. This is an amazing chance to get your hands on jewelry and accessories from Finesmith Designs.

Here is how it works:
  • the hunt is for group members only. if you are not a member you may join
  • the items you need to look for are simple boxes in different colors

What you are looking for

  • there are 21 boxes in all
  • you must wear the Finesmith Jewelry group tag—the items will be sold to you for 0-200L (0, 10L, 20L, 30L......190L,200L)
  • each item is worth minimum 250L value of all hunt items together is over 15k
  • each box has one or more items.
  • boxes are hidden all around the main store and in our designers' shops
  • most items have menu to change endless variations of colors and textures. click to check. items that don't have menu will come in few colors in the hunt box.

Wait, there's more!

Just for fun Finesmith will hold STYLING Contest from Hunt items:

  • At the end of the hunt, during the first week of July, we will hold a styling contest. (Specifics will be given before the end of the month)
  • You will use items from the hunt and add any items from other designers to it.
  • The theme will be 'Color Me Finesmith' and at least one item from the hunt should be in colors (not silver gold or bronze)
  • You will need to dazzle the judges with your creativity using the items from the hunt.
  • Prizes:
  • 1st place- 5000L$ + 1000L GC in finesmith store
  • 2nd place- 2000L$ + 1000L GC in Finesmith store
  • 3rd Place- 1000L$ + 1000L GC in Finesmith store.

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