Friday, May 20, 2011


When Yula met Mimmi the first time, it was her first show with Boulevard Agency. She told Yula that, anytime she wanted her to photograph her, Yula just had to say so. Mimmi was very generous, and this vote of confidence touched Yula, but she was new and shy. A long time passed since that time, and it was always on Yula's mind. They met later a few more times, and they always kept in touch. Mimmi did shows wearing Finesmith, and she made a show for Yula with the Evane Agency, but Yula never found the right moment to create something that said to her, "Oh, that's Mimmi!"

This time it happened—flowers and pearls set in an elegant chic way totally screamed "Mimmi." Mimmi was online, and Yula offered. Mimmi agreed, and after they talked, Yula added a sweet tiara, some details, and some colors.

That's the whole story—the Mimmi set is ready in the store in 5 colors and at a great price. Yula wants to thank Mimmi Boa for her generosity and for being an inspiration and Falbala Fairey for shooting the photo for the vendor.

Mimmi Set

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