Friday, January 7, 2011

INSPIRATION Past and Present- January- Helen Zhora

I finaly started my January Inspiration project and with my busy schedule i really want to get to know the people im making jewelry for

so i gave them one assignment - to take me to a place they Like(thunb up).

I was charmed to day from the place Helen Zhora took me because i know Helen for some while and i feel like we connect, but never got to hang out together that much .

helen took me to place called female tribe exclusive - the name has already strong meaning-the design of the place is very soft- greek stone, greek poles and sculpture, all set with pink/purpleflowers , turquise water and green grass. the reason i try to pay attention to the colors because color choices show us personality.
The music in the background is very relaxing instrumental  i found it also sad/romantic 9im sorry i did not check what it was) , helen dissagreed she said its a place to runaway and relax, put things back in proportion:)

Helen is very delicate person, very polite and feminine, her fashion choices reflect the place she came from and how different it is from the place she is in now- from Africa to Europe- i see it very fasinating as a theme itself Past ans Present or from past to future.

Helen Lovesssss purple- in italy purple is bad luck . but she will wear it! i must combine purple in her jewelry.

this is why for helen i will create jewelry that merge softly elements from african influence and modern art/ design. wish me luck :)

yours, yula Finesmith

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Caoimhe Lionheart said...

I know Ms. Helen too. An incredible person, yes? I did not realize you had a blog Ms. Yula!! Now I will follow. =)) xox


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