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Ms. Finesmith Stylista Finals**

The last challenge given to our winners from the last ten weeks is "Opposites Attract". Our models will show today not one but two amazing styles with their take on this theme !!!

Since October 8th we have seen the most fantastic models of SL's fashion world grace this runway. but only 10 of these big names are here. They have conquered their winning weeks, showing the extraordinary passion they have for the creations of Yula Finesmith.

Today we, once again, see the power to create a look to surprise the audience while showing the talent of each model.

One of these models we see here today will be the winner of this fantastic competition, however we will have to wait till next week when the winner will be announced and crowned, Ms. Finesmith Stylista.

Let's welcome our models who are already winners!


                                                                 Xenobia Foxclaw

From Darkness to Light

Out of the Darkness Xenobia says:

"I searched for personal meaning in this theme - Opposites Attrack - but it escaped me until I turned inward and found my path in sharing my own life-long struggle with depression. This theme is reflected in Yula's designs.

I chose each part carefully from the skin with dark around the eyes representing loss of sleep to the skirt that is not solid black but is translucent with pinpricks of light. For depression is not a state where there is never llight, but a state where the occasions of light are few and far beweeetn. The outfit could not be simple because depression is not simple--like the entwined feathers and the intricate hairdo with tendrils that snake into all aspects of one's life. The mask represents the parts of self that are shared versus those that are carefully hidden from others. Each piece of jewelry was chosen for the tears spilled--here turned into diamonds. Even my photo was shot with the foggy feeling depression can leave one with year after year.

Styling Card:

Mask: FineSmith Designs - Disturbia collection veil

Necklace: FineSmith Designs - Capril Collar

Tear: FineSmith Designs - In the FlaSH, yula's tear

Nails: FineSmith Nails: Metallic

Bodice and Pants: My Precious - Queen of Roses (black)

Skirt: My Precious - Queen Lucia Grandeur (black)

Wrap: My Precious - Ostrick (Black)

Shoes: Basevi Moda - ColorChange Stilettos


Into the Light

I chose this bluish grey outfit since happiness also has its moments of blue and grey, but the darks are lighter and less frequent, and the lights predominate. Even my skin is lighter with a glow and a flush of pleasure. The black hair has given way to blond and the jewelry lights and adorns rather than helping to hide. The journey into the light is a never-ending battle, but it's one I have an army to help me fight. I am truly blessed.

Necklace: Finesmith Designs - Collar inspired by Elyna

Earrings and Bracelets: Finesmith Designs - Cybergirl

Tear: Finesmith: Designs - In the FlaSH, Yula's Tear

Fingernails: Finesmith Designs - Metallic Nails

Outfit: Zaara - Vayu Gown (breeze)

Facial Tattoo: White Widow - Cristal (Silver)

Shoes: BasevI Moda - ColorChange Stilettos

                                                                Dementia Navarita

                                                                  PRESENT AND FUTURE

Dementia Navarita says:

"My first look is inspired by the golden days of yester-year, when women had a more glamourous look about them. Starting with the Kerria dress in Tea Rose by Ingenue.Witha smoooth fitted bodice, and a sleek mermaid-style skirt which I matched with the Elspeth cardigan from artilleri and completed with a cinch belt from I matched my retro ensemble with the Wish earring from Finesmith Jewelry. Chandelier style, with big diamonds, and dangly fringe, great for any glamorous retro style or modern for that matter outfit., They accenuate my model hair 1 from W&Y hairstyle beautifully, adding the right amout of "wow!" factor to the whole ensemble. Topped off with some adoringly crafted Finesmith nails tinted magenta, I am ready to hit the with my special guy and swing the night away and perhaps take a glance ahead and what's to come....."

                                                                      Dementia Navarita

Fast forward to the future......the future is all about angles and interesting layers. I launched my look with Ansiotropic Jacket from MIamai. With its angled shoulders, high posture collar, flared out jacket bottom, and chest armor to protect me from harm, during space flight, this jacket goes well with the High-Waisted short pants from Maitreya, grunge fishnets from Jador, complemented by the space age, futuristic, Fatality Boots by [NeurolaB Inc.]. Thigh-high, with sky-high in-curved heels are great for traveling the galaxy. And no futuristic, inter-galactic babe would be complete without her space age goggles, that come in the form of the Lace Veil from the Disturbia Collection by Finesmith Jewelry.

Steel-plated, with star patterns across the front, commander gems that hang ever so delicately down, and trimmed with lace, this piece is not only fashionable, but also beautifully crafted, and still manages to provide the utmost protection during an alien battle.


                                                                         Rissa Friller

                                                                     I C E &F I R E

Rissa Friller says:

"I chose Fire and Ice for my Opposites Attract theme. When I read about taking into consideration the winter palet of colors, I immediately thought of cold, snowy, ice...which then led me to think of it's opposite, Fire.

For Fire, I knew i wanted vibrant reds, oranges, yellow and golds. I found the perfect dress from Modern Gypsy called Volcanique that had a pattern of flames on it and everything else fell easily into place. I especially love the way the design of the jewelry i chose to wear with this mimics the way a flame would look and the gold metal matched the jacket perfectly.

FIRE Outfit:

Jacket-Mimikri Roxy Gold (Modified)

Shirt- Part of Baiastice Veronica Dress (color Modified)

Skirt-Bottom half from Modern Gypsy Beaute Volcanique Gown

Shoes-SLink Sydney II Stilettos in Gold

Jewelry-FS December Collection Necklace,earrings

Nails-Finesmith Nails in Red

Hair-Purple Moon Exa in chocolate and matching hairbase"

For my Ice outfit, I thought about icy blues, silvers, metallics. I was inspired by Finesmith's Victorian Secret ear and neck pieces. It reminded me of icicles and a snowflake bursting. i also loved the snowflake binidi which was the group gift this month. I built my outfit around those pieces with a shiny metallic dress from Baiastice. I also found a top from Baiastice similar on icy hues and wore that as a shirt over the dress. I took the leggings from Tres Beau's Michigan Ave outfit and I also took the boots from it as well and modified the color a bit.

ICE Outfit:

Jewelry-Finesmith Glamourous Snowflake Bindi

In the Flash Victorian Secret ear pieces and neck piece

Collar/undershirt/skirt taken from Baiastice V Dress in Silver

Tank top- Baiastice Alisha top

Gloves-Mimikri in Silver

Leggingsl- Tres Beau "Michigan Avenue" in baby blue

Boots- Tres Beau "Michigan Avenue" boots in baby blue (color modified)

Eye Tattoo- White Widow Snow Flake in silver

Eye Lashes- CCD RealLash-Rich Girl

                                                               BlackLiquid Tokyoska
                                                             DARKNESS & LIGHT

BlackLiquid Tokyoska

"Opposites Attract", you say... so a game of Light and Dark ill play.


She is the Devil, the Creator of darkness. of all things evil and scary that oppress, the one who is there all though the night, adorned by extravagant and wicked, delights!

Yula works for the devil too, you see, it's abundantly evident when you look at me "H20" earrings, the first of the lot, "Collar Inspired By blackLiquid" is both evil and hot!

trailing down to the navel the "Dragon Lady" sits, beside "O Collection Oxygen Bracelets" that cover slits on her wrists. Yula's long "Painter" nails all bloody and red,

are incredibly fiendish and probably dead.

With Lashings of Eshi's "Deadly Kitten", and "Camryn" and "Monica" of Bliss Couture, this gown is more decadent than you can endure. Cinched and pulled and tied so tightly by Trilobitewar's

"Leather V Under Bust Corset" in noir. This look is high fashion and absolutely beastly , this is the end, coming somewhat abruptly.

He is the Angel, the Bringer of light. of everything airy and shiny and bright, the one who is there all through the day, adorned by Jewels from the heavens I say!
Yula Finesmith is the creator on high, with a "Collar Inspired By Elyna" at the top, but this is not all so please don't stop, bellow you will find the delight of " Lulu's Melody"
which points to the next, a jewel for the belly and a "Sexy Flower" is what you see.
The writs are adorned with bracelets of light Finesmiths "O Collection 11O" That look as if they could assist with flight.
Next are the clothes all gleaming and white, So What's, "Ribboned Jacket" tied up tight, under it Oksana Quintessa's, "Latex Silver Gloss Top" to add to this heavenly high fashion look.

The pants are called "Yanyi" special angel attire, care of Bliss Couture, a pure hearts desire.

                                                                          Arisia Ashmoot
                                                                       DRAK TO LIGHT

Arisia brings us Darkness

Hair: Bliss couture - June (edited)

Lashes: glow studio ademonia

Skin: Redgrave Trinity Daylight

Make up: Boudoir - Black lace

Outfit: mix and match from Miamai Sannah in black, Boudoir Black plisse couture and Boudoir Seductive black feathers

Gloves: Mohna Lisa part of Hollywood nights outfit

Necklace: Finesmith collar inspired by BlackLiquid

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren in red

Arisia bring us the light

Hair: Baiastice Siville

Lashes: glow studio innocent eyelashes

Skin: Baiastice pulchra porcelaine

Make up: White Widow Champagne in silver

Outfit: mix and match from Mohna Lisa Duchess of Doves, Miamai Estaria and Paper Couture Romantic Soliloquy

Necklace: Finesmith collar inspired by Scarlet

Bracelet: Finesmith Bliss bracelets
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Marilyn in white
our Amazing Hosts- Rhonda pennel and Markski Gloom

                                                                   LEAH PORTLAND

Leah Portland

Leah Portland chose the theme of "Unity" for her 1st outfit. The outfit she has put together represents anything but unity. The Raven and the dove are two birds that you will never see together, her ensable therefore represents division, the complete opposite.

Leah chose Finesmith's Harmony earrings, Bliss bracelet., H2O2 ring and O collection necklace to see if she could reconcile these two creatures. Leah chose the jewellery based on their shape and name to compliment her outfit. Her unity outfit has been compiled from *OC*'s Aphrodite shirt, the gloves aand feathers from Nicky Ree's Cabaret star and sf design ' sbaby bird, and gown skirt from Mea Culpa's Demon's Victory.

Leah Portland- SECOND OUTFIT

"No" is the theme for Leah's 2nd outfit. That is what you will hear from any RL jeweller if you try and put gold and silver together in any piece of jewellery as silver is a harder metal which will wear down the gold. However Leah decided to put gold and silver together in this outfit because that is just what Yula has been able to achieve in Second Life with her jewellery collection, something which Leah finds absolutely captivating.

Leah Chose the Finesmith Kitsch Couture neck piece and bracelet and metalic nails to accessorise her outfit. They were chosen to compliment the shape of her outfit and the obvious ability to combine gold and silver.

Leah's outfit was put together from Violator's Holy Graal and Nadir Black Gold (modified) and Miamai silver bodysuit.

                                                              ELYNA CARVER

Elyna Carver

I have choosen to mix and match this gown caus of In The Flash Victorian Set.

This necklace coming with earings in a silver and red color remind me Christmas period.

I love this set caus of his avant garde side.

Miamai Estera moon gown mixed with Miamai Estera red collar and chest piece complete prefectly the style.

I also have choosen to wear a lelutka red corset with askin from glam affair, calling Yuki. This white tone is perfect for winter and the hair coming with, calling Nolu Frosbite makes me feel like a nothern woman.

second outfit Elyna says:

Chic...a shopping day... what do I need?

First: my Finesmith Kitsch couture neck piece...

Then I want to mix Miamai Karomia pant black with Miamai Ameloe Black shirt and for the cold of the winter Miamai Ananee Black Jacket...

Red and black, I love that style for a walk outside... I also need my Finesmith Hoop earing...and why not a black and a red one?

To complete all that I wear a skin from Laq called Elena Glow and Miamai Loretta bun hair.

Oops...Don't forget my shoes... Maitreya Verve in red.

                                                                       Scarlett Loxingly

                                                                       PEACE & WAR

Welcome Scarlett Loxingly to the stage and boy is she bringing the peace with this Psychedelic Couture creation.  The vibrant purple of the satin Draped Vest, from Izzie's, moves freely with each graceful step of this flower child.  The glamorous beaded shirt, Beaded Top from Paper Couture, clings to the bosom with many strips of colorful and intricate bead work. Waves cascade down Scarlett's body in layers of green silk, Waves of Silk from Paper Couture, hugs tightly to her hips then flares playfully ending mid-calf. No outfit is complete without the fine jewels from Finesmith Designs, so of course this groovy chic has included some beautiful pieces.  Gold Cybergirl bracelets clank musically on her wrists as she switches poses for the judges.  Also, adorning Scarlett's fingers are the Droid ring with its funky pyramid shape and the delicate gem on top on the right hand.  On the left hand she wears the Nueva ring with its curious shape and beautiful tigers-eye gem.  Each piece of jewelry comes with texture change and gem change capabilities.  These pieces were changed to gold then tinted to brown to give it the desirable effect of wood "like".  Included in this look is; Hair from Truth - Tamina, Skin from LAQ - Pearl, Shoes from Paper Couture - Suede Platform Pumps.


Please welcome back Commandante Loxingly as she steps out on the stage commanding your attention or await corporal punishment. The darkness of the fabrics speak volumes of her mood in this military styled jacket, Vanity Jacket by LeLutka. Silver buttons line the edges of the jacket, used only for decoration, because who in their right mind would want to close and hide whats underneath. Tassels hang from the shoulders swaying with each step down the runway. Riding low on her hips are tight black pants with the wings of a commanding officer, Lieutenant from Glam Affair. Socks hug her calves and sit on her ankles giving the look of a tall boot with a bit of style, Arva from Tee*fy. Who said ladies couldn't wear a cover and make it look sexy? Here is an example of just how sexy you can look in a military cover with black and blue plaid markings and chin strap to hold it in place, Soldier Hat from Tee*fy. Even as a Commandante, Scarlett needs to feel beautiful and the only way she does that is by wearing her Finesmith Designs jewelry provided by Yula Finesmith. These statement hoops that hang from Scarlett's ears are a perfect accessory to this ensemble, Harmony Silver Earrings. Clasped around her neck is the tight fitting collar created with another finalist in mind, Elyna. Two beautiful color change gems add color to this tight fitting adornment. What beautiful pieces of jewelry from Yula Finesmith! Included in this look is; Hair from Miamai - Black Hair base, Skin from LAQ - Claudia2, Smoke from Hello Dave - Bored, Gloves from Emery - Sailor, Boots from BAX - Black Patent Ankle Boot.

                                                                    Valeria Endrizzi


I am wearing really simple and elegant gown in gray and white. I choose this one because its looks so refine and classy. My shape of the hair is really elegant and for me goes accordignly with what i am looking for . I want to show simpleness and elegancy. and to complement the dress i choose the new finesmith Collar inspired in Elyna. Thank You


For this outfit i want to creat a bigger contrast between this one and the last one . I try to create a more futuristic , advant garde edgy outfit that like its totally the opposite of Simple and Elegant. For this one i choose pieces of 3 different outfits and combine them to make it stand out a bit with different textures. The jewerly I choose is finesmith ofcourse , ring are part of the Ocollection Droid and H20 ring and the earrings are also part of this Collection. Thank you.


final words from our hosts:)
Thank you to all of our models for showing us their creativity and amazing styling ability today. I hope you have enjoyed our show. Please give a huge round of applause for an amazing designer, Yula Finesmith, for if not for her we would not be here today enjoying these fine creations.

We thank you for your support for the last 11 weeks and for joining us as we make this journey to the finale. Please come back next week to see the crowning of the new Ms. FS Stylista!

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