Friday, November 12, 2010

Ms. FS*Stylista Avant Garde-week 6- Elyna Carver

                                               Elyna Carver winner of this week challenge
The Jury said that Elyna's Styling for avant Garde was created around the jewelry for a change.
the first thing you see is the Disturbia veil that stand out.
more then that, the subtle way textures and shapes merge in thos look are avant garde.
The hair choice is completely perfect to display the jewelry calls for the attention of the eye and frane the head. the styling is chic and in the presence, is nt loaded with unused details or looks like a costume.
congratulations Elyna.

Avant garde.... is I think one of the best style I love to play with in SL.

It offer a lot of crazy outfits to mix and so much skins to wear.

What inspired me today? the Disturba Collection veil.

To match it I am wearing Miamai Equinox pant with the Ansiotropic jacket. To perfect that black look I needed MothQueer shoes and Nemore top.

My skin call Yin, it comes from sYs skins. I love the black lips and the grey line who gave me the feeling to wear this wonderfull veil from the Finesmith Disturba collection.I love the details on this jewell, they are marvellous. We can hide behind it and the lace afford to this special jewel a misterious side.

To complete this outfits I don't want to forget to tell you about my bracelet calling Bliss bracelet. It remind me the veil and the particular entrelace is amazing to me.

                                                       LovelyMiwako7399 Menna

STYLING DESCRIPTION: The outfit is inspired by a initially by the Veil from the Disturbia Collection, i decided to place it in a futuristic world mixed with a bit of an ice warrior princess. The jewelry I used for the outfit is what gives the whole look an idea of a warrior and at the same time a softness and innocence to the idea.


[sYs] Skin Lotus Azure (pale) - blue hairbase
[sYs] Phoebe Complete Outfit
Finesmith O Collection Oxygen bracelet (on head and hands)
Finesmith Cybergirl NECKLACE (on neck and pelvis)
Finesmith Disturbia collection veil (on face and chest)



Fashion Institute Certificated Model

Taught by Mentors: Kay Fairey & blackLiquid Tokyoska


.:: k a b u k i b o u t i q u e ::. model
Outrageous Glamour Agency
Venus Model Agency

Live modeling:

Gems and Kisses (Manager and Model)
Ex-Model for MIAMAI
Ex-Model for Thea Tamura Fashions

                                                                    Catlyn Sahara

Outfit/Shoes/Nails: Myda by Miamai's Black Label

Jewelery: Cybergirl Collar and Bracelet by Finesmith Jewelery

Hair: Bahari in Black by 3636

Skin: Miss November Skins in Purity 01 by C-Star

Eyes: Static DarkHaze Emotional Eyes by C-Star

Eyelashes: Cherish in Black by Avion

Shape: Custom Made by Lolita Greybeard

Today's Avante Garde theme inspired me to think outside the box with this amazing dress from Miami called Myda from the Black Label Collection. I love how its sleek body is complimented by big elaborate fabric surrounding the head. The Shoes are genius with their geometrical look and makes this dress really stand out. 3636 reated the perfect hair for this outfit which matches the gold and black in the dress when they created Bahari in Black. The jewelery matches erfecly with the hair and the dress. The geometric shapes on the jewelery were perfectly created when Finesmith Jewelery created the Cybergirl collar and bracelets. Avante Garde is always being a litte outside the box and this outfit is deffinately outside of the box for me.

                                                                     Chloe Panthar

Good Day Ladies and Gentleman, it is good to see you all gathered here for yet another week or Ms. FS* Stylista.

Avant-garde derived from the French means "advance guard". The adjective is used to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative with respect ro art, culture, and politics. It represnts pushing the boundries of what is accepted as the norm, the status quo.

I have chosen Mirana by Maven Haus because of his creativity and imagination that goes into his designs. His talent is amazing to me. His designs take you away from the "norm". This outfit definitely shows how he uses his imagination as well as his creativity. I wanted to accent his imagination so I chose Eka in Ebony (Runway Hair) by PurpleMoon, Finesmith's Defination Bracelets and Finesmith's Elinor as accents of this outfit that takes us away from the 'Norm".

The Avant-garde is a challenge this is important to every model and gives each model a chance to be unique and daring, lets each think out of the box.

Thank you for participating in these weekly challenges and thank you for giving us an opportunity to learn and grow while we take part in it.

                                                            Elvira Palezzi

hello everyone, i m Elvira Pelazzi , and I am here to present my vision to Avant garde ....

For me The Avant Garde is a style apart because it has no limits and allows everyone to operate their creativity to its extreme, I chose to play with colors and geometric shapes.

I wear a dress from "LURANI" a dress with very cylindrical form decorated with colored buttons and pins to flash disproportionate to the size reminds me of the object necessary to make clothing.

Hair color green in "W&Y" embellished with a hat at "BAIASTICE" I wear high boots green from "BAX"

my make up is "luxe face silver" by "NIVEN"

which recalls the necklace from the collection "o" and bangles from the collection "Kagami" by "FINESMITH" and nail from "MANDALA"

                                                           Laduh65 Kimagawa

Ms. Finesmith Stylista


photo by Xenobia Foxclaw

my name is Laduh65 Kimagawa and i'm a french model in sl.

➽ The avante garde is for me a look individualistic and original. For this outfit, I wanted a color that is pretty futuristic to me: SILVER . I wanted linked with creativity, mystery and class ...

For this I used a dress " eshi Otawara " , L&N hair, MaNe Shoes and Finesmith kagami bracelets with Finesmith Disturbia mask.


- Model for :

➽ D"ior Modelling Agency

➽ Maritima Inc.

➽ Evenementia

➽ Model's Story reality show

➽ Silhouette

Fashion show for:

➽ Fellini

➽ Nemesis

➽ Convoitise, Morea, Edika, BeautyShop, Pinky Style,... with Model's Story

➽ [ sYs ]

                                                             Laetitia Vella

To be Avant Garde literally means to be in the forefront, to push beyond the boundaries of the status quo and move into the realm of the experimental. I find this style very exciting as it allows for creative choices that can be surprising and even a little disturbing. I built my look from the starting point of the Disturbia veil. For me the veil is very elegant but it also is a mask, a beautiful piece of armor which presents a fearless face to the world and also prevents others from seeing through the eyes into the soul. This armored warrior woman theme is continued in the helmet-like shape of the hair, the sculpted breastplate, the silver bracelets cuffing the wrists and the elegant shoes studded with jewels. Only in the soft semi-transparent fabric of the layered skirts is the softness of femininity permitted to emerge and even that is tempered by the metallic threads running through the stockings. The black and white skin continues the themes of both threatening and hiding, and against it the bright red drops of colour stand out, providing hints of the passionate nature so tightly controlled.


Finesmith Disturbia collection-veil

Finesmith Aria Bracelets

Skin: B&W Stripe by Nuuna

Hair: Donna Bun Platinum Black by Miamai

Eyes: Cosmic Dream by Poetic Color Eyes

Nails: Sculpted Nails Gloss by Pixel Mode

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Ava

Stockings: Poker Face by Entre Mares


Charliz Skirt by Ardigraf

Winter Fae by Inga Wind

Top: Troi Armour by Omega Point

                                                                   Panda5 Larg

Dress: Miamai, SoleSpento

Hat: Miamai, SoleSpento

Shoes: Miamai, MothQueer

Jewelry: Finesmith Design, inThe FlaSh- Deco-Ra (necklace & earrings)

Finesmith Design, O collection O3 Bracelet

Skin: Nuuna's Skins, Black Red

What come to mind when you think of Avant-Garde? Words like sophisticated, mysterious, intimidating, intriguing, striking or a bit shocking. When I was thinking about doing this challenge the three words that kept coming to mind are Art, Fashion and Theater these where my insperation.

The color of the day in fashion , no matter the time of year is Black. In all its shapes and forms. Yes I said shapes. Avant-Garde fashion to me is the dram in the shapes . I found Miamai 's dress SoleSpento dress with its hard as steal skirt and hat comes right out of the Avant-Garde Handbook. The rings of the skirt make you feel that a skirt should be soft but are of harden as steal they pulling you up and hold you in place. As you try to stand on Miamai soring MothQueer shoes with the pick of red.

The black skin with its touch of red to me is the perfect complement for the real show. Finesmith Design has out done them self’s with their new and inspiring necklace and earrings. In The FlaSh-Deco-Ra shows off all the sophistication and dram that is Avant-Garde fashion as the gems look back at you with there glowing eyes. The necklace pulls you closer with its interwoven lines, as it hangs off the skin. Then you look down to catch a glimpse of the twist and turns of O collection O3 Bracelet.

The theater of fashion is all around us all we need to do is open our mind to find the joy and wonder it brings to our lives. Thank you.

                                                            Shahez Admiral

For her avant-gardist look, Shahez will wear an outfit inspired by battlefields.

The heart of the garment consists of a black and white bodysuit, shoulder straps and matched gloves signed by SOURCE

An opaque black tights by TOSHY and a belt come to accesorize the outfit

Shahez wears a platform two-colored boots creates by Ba.Ro'

The helmet of LELUTKA inspired by Ancient Rome and a sophisticated tribal makeup conceived by The Niven Collection contribute in the military aesthetics of the set

And to finish shahez sublimates her vision of the avant-gardism with two oversize bracelets by Finesmith Shahez is wearing a LELUTKA hair and a discreet pearl earring by Alienbear Design

                                                                      Sophira Nitely

Avant-Garde is bring something new and innovative. It is usually used when speaking of art, that is no longer methodical but is radical . Today the innovation is me. I am no longer a science , but a piece of art. I have become a piece of artwork from the items I wear. Each item has become a part of me, whether embedded in my skin, or clothing my body. I have altered my body to become the frame, the paint, and the entity in this composition. I have become the background, the foreground and the illustration. Today I stand before you as not a woman in eccentric clothing, but as an innovative painting.

The items I wear today to create my avant-garde ensemble:

skirt: SoleSpento by Miamai

Shoulders: SoleSpento by Miamai

bodysuit: Bodysuit de la Ruche by Maitreya

boots: Prestige Black Leather by Bax Cohen

hair: Eka in ebony by PurpleMoon

Feathers: Peacock Dangerous by Eternal Beauty


Chest Piece and Earrings: Victorian Secret by Finesmith

Bracelet: Tension Necklace by Finesmith

Ring: Emerald cut ring by Finesmith

                                                          Aspasia Ashdene



Anonymous said...

Win that style was criticized for not having that so tricky contest
yula Finesmith: where is the personal style if all the pieces are from the same designer
sorry for the place, but enough of cheating just because they are colleagues

yula Finesmith said...

dear anonymus-
i dont know who you are but losing a contest is not always nice and im sorry for that.
i am not afraid to show your comment even tho i feel its sad that there is one like this.
the jury-
melanie,anabella,topaz,matt,kay,NyuNyu, cecilia placed their votes and only one note did not have Elyna Carver's name on it. so she is deffinetly the winner of this challenge. cheating is not in my list of actions- and saying this things is just disrespect to yourself- which is why you post comment as anonymus.


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