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Finesmith Style about...White!

ms. Finesmith Stylista Week 8- the theme:  White
could be translated in fashion by so many ways, and yet- 6 models chose to show their vision about white
Judges today: Matteo Bettencourt- Ceo outragouse glamour  and ofcourse known professional model.
Melanie Verazzano-Visual Artist, owner of Art gallery- shes talanted and she will tell you just where you took your influences from.
Candylicious Forster- ceo of avcon- and our sponsor- will make a video for our winning stylista
candy is also appriciated model, and she knows exacly what she wants!
Francesca Galtier- owner of Pasarella and creative stylist.
Many thanks to Xenobia Foxclaw for taking the snapshots every week.
Winning this week is Kayma India!
welcome to the finalists Kayma.
Kayma India- winning ths week Ms Stylista

Kayma Kayma Ohhhh Kayma- so many things came up in judges group chat when you came up on the runway, everyone had something to say,
so this is what i say- first is you make so much noise without talking- you must have something in you that make us move

ill actualy start with what i dont like- your shoes... if ill say i dont know why i wont be a good critique giver-
the gold texture on the shoes is not well done- it cuts your leg from fit, the stripes are too wide, i think this shoe is not well made next to your other items .
i think your styling is surprising, its different, you dont try to look like a princess and you do try to not look too revealing.
i like that you chose this skin because i was expecting more white skin today.
i enjoy the choice of hair for few reasons-1. finaly its not a prim stuck on your head, 2.its very natural and u look comfortable.3. the color and the flow close around the necklace and frame it, you make thise collar necklace look like it was made custom for your body.
the pants decoration go along with the necklace shapesand the Vshaped jacket.the eye makeup compliment the necklace Diamonds and maybe without knowing you did something very smart in design and photography- usualy you will cut a shape to 3 and will work on each seporatly and together. you let the gold be the center- you show stripes of gold in your eyes first, then the necklace, then the belt paralel to eachother.
i am loving it
the hat- i cant decide...i dont like it, but i feel like without it something would be missing.

Catlyn Sahara

Lovely Catlyn chose to show white also in symbolic way- white through her eyes shows minimalism, classic and pure, her vision is naeive and simple.
clean cuts also in the chosen jewelry.
catlyn chose dark hair to contrass with the white.
i like Catlym simplicity and like i told her i am still waiting for her to get mad and explode on the runway-
show some edge, show some of from your inside.

                                                                      Elvira Pelazzi

Elvira Pelazzy
like always Elvira knows what she is doing- her white vision inspired from the "Lady" look, evening dress which is actualy a wedding dress and Big hat that add drama to her look
Elvira chose her skin very smart- this skin is actualy what brings the jewelry to life and seporate them from all the big items in her outfit-
as much as they are small and elegant, they still seen well and presented with class.
i also very much enjoyed the fan she held in her hand- hard t0o ignore  a moving object. very sofisticated.
but then again i must say- this is not enough styling- all come from one place- could easily take gloves from another gown, add bracelets, add top from another gown and not settle with full outfit bought from one designer. this look looks perfect- and i kind of like seeing some kink....geting alittle bit down from the road...or hitting the highway if u catch my drift.


Laduh is a beautiful model with very high taste in fashion,
i like laduh outfit todayin concept - white- pure, virginity, angel wings
yet still woman, sexy , seductive.
i cant help but applause the jewelry choice that when i made it i also thought about angel wings and why dont i change the shapes and actualy make it more angel...
why is it not a winning outfit tho? its too expected. maybe not this connection exacly, but yes the idea.
i do still enjoy this outfit but lets just say you get white as theme- how do you take it out of the known white influences? thats more designer thought how to take one thing and change the prespertive on it.

                                                                       Marie Button

sweet Marie, truely sweet model, with alot ahead in the future, maybe even in miss stylista-
but marie have to give up the tacky outfits, design is about reason, measuring(i know i say it all the time...kill me ok?)
but this dress which might count as pretty by others to me is a runway disaster, alpha layers and glow just look bad on the runway, the texture of this dress even tho i like it as fabric is over used in the dress, and we get the oposite effect, instead of great shapes(which really the fabric is beautifly drawn) i see a big mess.
i do not see the shape of the dress at all, what is prim and what is texture.
the gloves...way too much.

now lets say im just over commenting- but i just really want to try and give something here.
what about jewelry? the dress is so forced on you that you cant even add jewelry. and isnt that why we gathered here today?

Marie one word- clean.

                                                                     Sophira Nitely

Dear beautiful Sopira, another precious model in the begining of her way and already made the judges go crazy about her today.
sophira's styling and way of thinking changed edge to edge in the pass 4 weeks only- its like sophira knws she got it and even really get upset when its not going right the way she wants.
we sophira you did it this time, you moxed and matched to impress.
i truely see your visoin expressed , ice legendery creaure...maybe on the border between elf and princess
the skin is right, the horns are awesome and work so well with the victorian brooch- you do play nicely with jewelry colors its great to see.
2 things i dont agree with here
white tights and bootsh. i want instead of ths pants white see through stocking, just like in the top. and as for shoes maybe cinderella shoes or something else very interesting because i just dont want the magic to end.

i appriciate you all showing for this contest- its truely a pleasure to see you and learn what you think. more then that i think you are each very brave to show everyone how queen of the show you truely are.
and accept the cricism with a smile.
theres only one winner but there are always more winners to come. and everything is just practice on the way- so enjoy it like i enjoy you
i thank you with all my heart.
yula finesmith

next week- Contemporary- some of my suggestions and guidelines- please read.
Contemporary as a theme for Finesmith style about

reffers to this time, the present,modern, that is relevant to our time period.

this styling must be fashion forward and influenced by our time.


-research what contemporary means in design-interior design, jewelry design, fashion and more before you start.

- choose either a jewelry from finesmith collection and build the styling around it,

since everything since the O collection is contemporary.

-or choose topic/agenda from this time that influences you intelectualy / by its shape/anything that can guide you , and follow it to build your styling

**use high fashion items

*avoid gowns they do not talk about our time- unless its far from the tipical ball gown.

what yes?

shaped prim hairdos

clean shapes

nutral colors


functionality-->if u dont need it it means it shouldnt be there.

be ware of- being boring.

create a surpeising look and consider "less is more"

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