Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finesmith Fashion Freak!

Ya, you heard me FASHION FREAK!  *giggles*

Fashion Freaks Hunt 2  is underway and the beautiful and talented Yula Finesmith has put an amazing piece of jewelry in it for you hunters out there.

There are so many great designers in this hunt with some great items so be sure to get started and get all those fabulous prizes!!!

Fashion Freaks Hunt 2 Starting Point

1. .:Shush:. : I packed my suitcases and I am ready for this Fashion Freaks hunt travelling
2. DivaLicious : I DARE YA to try and find me
3. [Acide!] : On the table
4. Sassy kitty design : Gatcha attracts all the Light
5. Just you : Throw a penny in the fountain and make a wish...
6. Candydoll : Just Jeans
7. Virus : Fear has many eyes and can see things underground.
8. Icarus : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
9. *evie* : Ripped fishnets are so slutty, I'm not a slut so mine aren't ripped!
10. Just me : I am hiding, look thru the windows and around..
11. La'Licious Designs : I am right under the stars
12. #Before Sleep# : My little Monkey.
13. Mustang Trading Post : Shed some light on it.
14. Dead Bunny : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
15. .::DELICIOUS::. : Bringing some of the outdoors inside, greenery livens the place up a bit.
16. LACE Le Femme : Foliage changes on the trees for Fall
17. Sassy : If you're weary and need to rest, find a peaceful place to stop.
18. Black&Blue Outfitters : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
19. 22769 casual couture : click on the hintgiver on the huntboard since we hide the gifts new every now and then ;-)
20. aMuse : This fashion freak says PUNK U!
21. KoQstar : I make a lot of smoke, but don't let it fool you
22. SIGMA Jewels : I stand up straight and match perfectly with the pink of this necklace
23. [:DresseR!] : Don't forget my welcome gift! ;D
24. Alexohol fashion : I love Penn State!
25. .:*Pretty Stick*:. : Stay updated and you'll find out
26. Xplosion : Click the hint box at the landing point in store, to get a hint
27. *ICED* : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
28. [[[PURRpose]]] : Go up and find TRUE LOVE
29. B&F-Poseworx : One Hint? Better look for a COUPLE
30. MPP - My Pretty Pixels : I hope you like our new hair
31. Charisma Designs : Good night, Sleep tight
32. Leaks. : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
33. Adored clothing : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
34. ::Temptation:: : have you seen signs of hunting?
35. Edika CREATION : I am chilling out, where we should chill out...
36. paper.doll : Curl up in the corner and read this sexy magazine!
37. []pole[] : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
38. Digital Eyes : does "subscribe" take a F?
39. [Muted] : then you saw yourself and smile
40. BeScene Poses : Coffee anyone ?
41. G-series* : Caution. Wet Floor!
42. alaMood : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
43. ..:: Adoring Charms ::.. : I am a pure Ffashionista!
44. :: Caladesi Island Co. :: : Everybody love gatcha machines
45. Candy Silhouette : I love being near the water
46. auTre : Emmy Loves Hunts!
47. *Boof* : It's electrifying!
48. Eye Candi : Boys, Boys, Boys!
49. Just A Pose} : Fashion is the window to one's soul...that's how the saying goes right?
50. Lemania Indigo Designs : This one just missed getting swept under the rug.
51. [sYs] : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
52. .: Reindeer :. : no fighting for this lighting
53. MANNA boutique : Those canvas hides more then love letters
54. iheart : skip this store.
55. Sonic Death Monkey : Look into the light for there you shall find you're salvation
56. Illicit Designs : fame fame baby the fame!
57. .: it's cake:. : Dont Fall in!!! (ok maybe just a lil bit)
58. Link Designs : Love is unlimited... But this dress isn't!
59. [b.nuts] : I think it's for free, isn't it?
60. CHIC inc : look for lovely flowers
61. ::Rozena Skins:: : on the wall
62. *Cailyn's* : I've planted the hunt item, but where?
63. LP Design : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
64. Xplicit Furnishings : Play me grand song
65. Snowpaw Fashion : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
66. Love Zombie : Let's play a game!
67. Finesmith Jewelry : We all love group gifts! Me too
68. \\Le' Boom// : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
69. Carrasco's : You can find me amongst the pumpkins :-)
70. MonS : We make a good pair, in the flowers. We are in the same family
71. Quirky Designs : What's up with this logo?
72. ~Simply~ : availability of item not comfirmed yet.
73. Avion Cosmetics : Look to the back and you will find me swimming with the birds!

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