Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finesmith Beauty contest

Hello dear models,

I am happy to announce- The Third year of

**Finesmith Jewelry new Beauty contest. **

** Face oF 2011**

After the winning of Haidyn Inglewood as model of the year-

and her assistants Arkaine catzalet and Alitell Offcourse.

i needed catch my breath and creat alot for this girls which will show the next Finesmith fall collection and its amazing-

the name of the collection is Tension and i promise you it looks like its called.

the Finesmith Beauty contest starts in

june and you are all welcome to try out and be the new Finesmith beauty each month.

The contest will take place between June to December 2010

each month 3 top scores will be chosen to go to the finals- the opportunity to win Finesmith Face of 2011- big contrace with Finesmith jewelry

and 30000L$

The leading model each month will be Finesmith Beauty for this month and will be rewarded generously- details farther in this note.

the selected photo each month will be advertised in FashionAlert magazine and ofcourse will be displayed in our main store.

it will be only for your interpetation how to show the jewelry on the body, you need to create the perfect poster.




whats in the photo??

** show how you would display the jewelry you chose- Like if you were going to advertise it in A magazine or promotion poster.

1. Purchase the jewelry you would like to showcase in Finesmith Designs main store-No 1L ,No 10L, NO Gifts- Only jewelry from the shelve. They are the jewelry we would like to see showcased.

purchase the jewelry the month befor you compete.

meaning- if you try for june - purchase the jewelry during May.

2.your photo- 512x512 or 1024x1024 must be sent to yula Finesmith untile 25 of May-

along with transaction history of the purchase and your model Resume.

**Name the photo with your full name and add "Finesmith beauty"- (example:"yula Finesmith, Finesmith beauty")

**the photo, transaction details and resume note. all in one Folder OR boxed and rename it like your photo: (full name),Finesmith beauty.

** before you send everything make sure it is all full prem.

3. Join Finesmith Jewelry update group.we will tag you as Finesmith Beauty contestant.

4. make picks in Finesmith designs main store.and write in the box "Finesmith Beauty contestant" you might want to place your photo as well

5. go to the main store and place your photo on the voting boards before the first of the subject month.- for june place your photo untile June first 7AM.

6. the contest starts in june 1, 7AM slt. free voting will be open untile the 15 of June 7AM Slt.

7. winner will be announced at june 20.

8. incase you didnt win in one month you are most welcome to try again in another month of the contest with different photo only.


the Judging:

each month 3 Judges from Fashion world will score together with me - yula Finesmith. the contestant photos

we will judge by: the way the jewelry placed on the body, the creativity in the photo if it deserves to be advertise photo that represent Finesmith.

** I have decided this time to also allow free voting - as time goes by i understand the true value of friendships and realations between people.

** 1 Vote for av each day!


we will open the FREE voting every month for 15 days.1-15 of the month 7am slt. @ Finesmith Designs main store!

-click the board to submit to the contest

-ctrl+drag contest photo from invrntory to board.

-voting board is ready!

- call your friends to come help - voting is free - 1 vote ffor avatar per day.


Votes in moolto will be open as well for 15 days.1-15 of the month 7am slt- voting in moolto is allowed 1 vote for aperson during all this days.

To vote on Moolto: Join our contest group in moolto-

on this page- comment with your name will be counted as vote.


the judging and scores will be devided equaly- 50% voteson venue boards and in moolto, 50% judging scores!



The top 3 models each month with the highestd scores will be moved to the yearly contest Finesmith Face 2011 in January

30kL and big contract with finesmith jewelry.

** each of this models will also receive sweetpack of 3 sets from Finesmith Jewelry and will be introduced in FashionAlert Magazine with their winning photo and model resume.


The Finesmith month Beauty will be the model with the highest scores.



1. Finesmith Beauty Title!

2. your photo will be advertised in FashionAlert magazine as part of Finesmith jewelry campaign.

3. your resume & 1photo from your resume will be advertised as well in the magazine.

4. more Designers from sl will reward you as sponsors of "Finesmith Beauty" contest

5. 5000L gift of Finesmith Designs.

6. pack of 3 Finesmith jewelry full sets.


** Information about ~Finesmith Face~ last challenge contest will be given to the 21 Finalist models who will win during the months of the contest.

** Finesmith Face 2011 winner will win 30000L and contract with Finesmith Designs-more rewards will be added by sponsors.

** Finesmith Face contest will take place in February 2011- Date and information will be given to Finesmith Beauty winners immidiatly with announcement of winning.

** The final Juding will be No voting only judges.

** Finesmith Face 2011 will be annouced with big parade- to model in this Fashionshow invited the contestants winning or not- interested to take part? contact yula Finesmith.

I hope its is all clear and if not just IM me or write anote with your question

Would love to see you part of Finesmith models


yula Finesmith- Finesmith jewelry Designs ceo

visit: Finesmith jewelry Designs

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